Summary of Constitution

The Bicycle Transport Alliance (BTA) is a cycling advocacy group based in Perth, Western Australia (and not to be confused with another group with an identical name based in Portland, Oregon, USA)

The BTA is an incorporated non-profit organisation formed in late 1993, and is managed by a board, the board being elected each year at the Annual general meeting.

The BTA constitution is governed by the Association Incorporations Act 1987.

Our aim, as stated in the “Rules of Association” is to protect and enhance the environment by advocating the increased use of bicycles for personal transport and recreation to

  • reduce air pollution
  • increase energy efficiency
  • reduce noise pollution
  • help ecological sustainability
  • improve effective use of land

The Rules of Association also say that this may be achieved by

  • bringing a greater awareness on the part of the wider community and at all levels of Government of the value of cycling
  • encouraging people to use bicycles more frequently
  • promoting the environmental benefits of cycling
  • promoting the health benefits of cycling
  • promoting the economic benefits of cycling
  • promoting safer cycling through road user education
  • promoting safer cycling through improved road design
  • lobbying for better facilities for cyclists
  • lobbying for funding for cycle related projects
  • providing cycle related technical advice to both the government and private sector

To raise and maintain interest in cycling, we maintain a topical website which includes a WA rides calendar listing all cycle events that we are informed about.

The BTA is a member of the Bicycle Federation of Australia (BFA), the national bicycle advocacy body, which represents through state groups, over 20,000 cyclists across Australia.

The BTA also supports Bicycle User Groups (BUGS) which work at a local level (usually in a local council area) to improve bicycle facilities.

The full text of the constitution is available as a separate page

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