AGM 2010 – Convenor’s report and minutes

Convenors report for 2009

The past 12 months has seen a range of ‘visible’ and ‘invisible’ events.

Amongst the ‘visible’ was the Bikeweek Perth Breakfast, which with sponsorship from Bikewest, the Perth Transit Authority, Caffissimo, the Danish Bakery and Fresh Finesse was held in the forecourt of Perth Art Gallery, starting just before sunrise and finishing around 8.30am.  BTA people, especially Heinrich, put in much time in chasing sponsors, getting approval to use the venue from EPRA (and 14 or so other ‘affected ‘bodies), arranging and managing the event.
We estimated around 500 cyclists collected  their free coffee, Danish and fruit.

I’d like to thank all those who helped make the breakfast a success.

There was quite a substantial amount of ‘danish’ left which was donated to the Salvos.

The BTA had anticipated organising the 2009 Ride to work day breakfast, building on the previous years experience.  The 2008 R2W breakfast arrangement that the BTA arranged with help from Caffissimo, was a devolved event where coffee and food was available at a number of Caffissimo locations through out Perth. We judged this to be more convenient for all (although much more work for us) and reached a broader range of cyclists. However we had had some disagreement with the national organisers, Bicycle Victoria, over the arrangements, particularly our multi location arrangements for breakfast.  They particularly wanted a large central event to maximise publicity, and even at one point directly approached our local sponsors to have the events arrangements altered.
This disagreement and some other factors resulted in us finding out indirectly, when asked by Cyclo Sportiv, (now Bicycling WA) for information on how to get approval to use the Art Gallery site, that we would not be asked to run the breakfast. No direct advice even when requested, was received from BV. BV, as national coordinator, have every right to select the organisation that they believe will best promote their objectives, but a little courtesy would nice.

In late 2008 the BTA were approached by Cyclo Sportiv about forming a combined body to promote cycling in WA.  The BTA made two written proposals to CS about how this could work, but unfortunately interest from CS then dried up, and nothing further happened.

At the start of 2009 the BTA had a somewhat moribund website, and a very active blog, the latter primarily thanks to Deb Mayrhoffer.  We had previously reviewed our various office system, and knew that we needed to use the website to keep the time we spend on administrative work to a minimum, and maximise our bicycle advocacy time.  The software in which the original website was written meant we had to use a third party for any website changes, so it was time for a change.
The new site is now readily updateable, and as we gain experience, we hope you will find it interesting.  The blog is now part of the site, but we are still learning about adding visual information, so there have not been as many pictures included as we might like as yet.  Also Deb has been away cycling overseas and we have missed her range of interests and light journalistic touch.
As always, we welcome suggestions for site improvements, or topics you would like included.

Next month, Tuesday 23rd March to be exact, as its contribution to WA Bikeweek, the BTA is trying a new concept in cycling events, the Sundowner. For this occasion the BTA has hired the Northbridge Piazza. For those of you who may not be familiar with the location, it is on the corner of Lake and James Street, and features a large outdoor screen.  We are planning to show a range of bicycle related films and videos on the screen, are seeking the services of a bicycle mechanic and will be selling various cycle accessories.  We are not permitted to serve food or drink, but we are negotiating with local cafes and restaurants to offer discounts to cyclists.  To use these cyclists will need to drop by and pick up a meal voucher which will list the venues offering discounts; the voucher will be valid for that night only. The event is planned to start around 4.00pm and run through to around 8.00pm, although discount meal times could be more restricted.  We are hoping cyclists, without the need to rush on to work, will choose to make a bit of an occasion of the event.

On the less visible side, the BTA continues to lobby the various levels of government on behalf of commuting cyclists.  Much of our focus in the past year has been on the Office of Road Safety and trying to get the safety issues of cyclists represented by cyclists and not the RAC.  We have been left with the general impression that the OORS is more of a political ‘sop’ to road safety, which even when it tries to act has it’s proposals viewed from the aspect of political ‘popularity’ rather than how effective they might be.   You may remember the outcry from motorists when a 40kph speed limit was proposed for inner suburban roads by OORS.  An active and effective misinformation campaign was launched to prevent this happening as motorists judged it would inconvenience them – the fact that lives would be saved and there would be no realistic inconvenience to motorists was totally ignored. We continued the road safety discussion with the Shadow Minister for Police and Road Safety, the Shadow Minister for Transport and the RAC, mainly around the themes of safety for vulnerable road users through lower speed in the suburbs and the separation of traffic based on speed. We had discussions with the RAC on providing a breakdown service for bicycles and include bicycle insurance with their general insurance offering. We made a submission and gave evidence to the Senate Enquiry into Public Transport, suggesting that Public Transport were complementary approaches, both reducing unnecessary private car use, and stressing the importance of a seamless integration and improved access for cyclists with Public Transport.

The prime task of the BTA is to act as a voice for the everyday cyclist.  Any event we run is aimed at this group. We will not be competing with other cycle organisations or charities group for large community rides.  In the coming years we are also looking to expand the number of accredited Austcycle trainers as there is a large and unmet need for basic cycle training in the community.  To that end we propose to change the BTA name from the Bicycle Transportation Alliance to Bicycle Transport Advocacy, Western Australia which better reflects our activities.  (same initials, clearer intent)

Minutes of AGM for BTAWA held at 2 Delhi St West Perth on 09 March 2010

Attendance list – Heinrich Benz (F), David Smith (F), Paul Loring (F), Steven McKiernan (F), Peter Fallon (F), Michael Dufty (F), Simon Duggan (F), Peter Bartlett (F), Roland Parrotte (F), Robert Hunt (F), Rodney Lorrimar, Greg Elliott.

(F) denotes current financial BTA member.

Apologies Graeme Hird, Edwin Lynch, Debra Mayrhofer, Chris Tallentire, Mike Norman, Giz Watson.

Meeting opened at 18.10.

  1. Confirmation of minutes from AGM 2009

Moved Seconded

  1. Convenors Report Attached
  1. Treasurer’s report, we are losing money and membership is declining, at current rates we have 3 years funds, building credibility, advocacy big screen relationship . Accounts attached.

Membership structure proposed to increase single membership from $80 to $85 per year, family membership to increase from $90 to $95 per year.  We currently have 310-330 members.

An analysis shows that with insurance and without magazine subscription the rates would be between $40 and $60.  We are required to offer insurance for third party damage.

Some discussion from the floor regarding the relationship with affiliates, and formalising that relationship, i.e. attending their AGMS

Motion – Moved Robert Hunt Seconded Dave Smith

“That the Constitution be amended to create a category of supporter”


Motion – Moved Robert Hunt, Seconded Heinrich Benz

“That the Constitution be amended to adopt the fee structure as proposed.”


  1. Name change for BTA – much discussion.

Names put forward –

Bicycle Transport Advocacy

Bicycle Transport Advocates

Bicycle Transport Advocate

Bicycle Transport Alliance

Motion Moved Robert Hunt Seconded Roland Parrotte

“That members be consulted by conducting a survey for potential names, keeping the initials BTA.”


  1. Election of office bearers.  All board positions declared vacant and nominations sought for President and Treasurer.

President – Steven McKiernan nominated and seconded. Elected unopposed.

Treasurer – Peter Bartlett nominated and seconded. Elected unopposed.

The following board members were nominated and accepted by the meeting.

Robert Hunt, Paul Loring, Graeme Hird, Roland Parrotte, Heinrich Benz, Peter Bartlett, Steven McKiernan.

  1. Meeting declared closed at 19.50 followed by fellowship.

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