About Us

About the Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA)

Our aim is to promote cycling for both transport and recreation. We:

  • work with local councils and government authorities to provide better facilities for cyclists.
  • lobby for more bicycle-friendly cities and towns, and for improved standards of education and behaviour for all road users.
  • encourage the formation of Bicycle User Groups (BUGs) to promote cycling at the local level.
  • run an active blog on this site for your input and entertainment.

As a non-profit organisation we rely on our valued volunteer members.

Why YOU should join the BTA


  • Free insurance covering third party personal injury and property damage*
  • Email bulletins of late breaking news, traffic hazards and other issues.
  • Information about bike maintenance and riding skills courses.
  • Social events.
  • We need you!
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*This covers you against claims for third party personal injury and property damage, for example if you are involved in an accident while using your bicycle in which another person is injured or their property damaged and they threaten to sue you, you are covered for claims of up to $10 million. If you take out family membership, family members living atthe same address, including children under 18, are also covered provided you include their names on the membership application form. The insurance has a $1500 excesss

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