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There is no charge for carrying bicycles on public transport in the metropolitan area.  For country areas whether you are charged or not will depend on the carrier and whether they classify a bicycle in your luggage entitlement.

Perth doesn’t make any provision for bikes on suburban buses, but at low use times a sympathetic driver will allow you to carry on a folded folding bike.

 With the train service, generally during peak hours only folded folding bikes are allowed to use all services. (although discretion is advised if the train is totally packed). Non folders may only be carried out at peak times if going counter to peak flow and they can’t use Perth Central station.  If passing through Perth we would advise that where possible, you board at the station before Perth Central/Underground so that you can position yourself in the carriage before the hordes stream on. Check the Transperth website for the latest information about bikes on trains, train station locations and train time tables.

Bike lockers are available at many stations, and some like Fremantle and Bullcreek have dedicated lock up areas with CCTV.  If the bike storage is not to standard at your local station you should report this to Transperth.

Regional transport makes very little provision for bikes, so check with the carrier for the latest policy.  My experience has been that buses will take bikes where there is room in the ‘hold’, and that space can depend on route and time of the year.

Folding bikes are the answer!

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