Cycling Black Spots in Perth

Cycling black spots in Perth from the perspective of people riding bicycles to go to work, school, shops or trains.  Since this list was made, The Greens and Senator Ludlam have put together a Western Australian bicycle blackspot map. If you are a iPhone user, you can contribute to the  map. Regretfully at the moment Mr Reece Waldock, Director General of the Department of Transport is refusing to acknowledge or accept the information reported by cyclists on the Western Australian bicycle blackspot map currently which does seem a very odd attitude to take given that Mr Waldock is a servant of the public, is employed to work on behalf of the public of Western Australia. Surly Mr Waldock should be listening to the public … heck there is a great resource here providing good feedback on known issues from cyclists; the very cyclists who have to experience these black spots daily.

Location Comments
PSP at City West Train station, West Perth Fast downward sloping PSP and high pedestrian and cycling traffic volumes produce dangerous conditions, which has resulted in accidents in the past. Video footage available.This problem is repeated at other locations where the train station exits cross a PSP, but is more severe at City West because of the gradient and volumes.
Hutton Street at Freeway overpass, Osborne Park The PSP changes from the Western Side of the Freeway to the Eastern Side of the Freeway, with insufficient and badly prioritised traffic lights to help pedestrians and cyclists cross multiple lanes of car traffic. Frequent accidents.
PSP along Kwinana Freeway The large amount of people cycling to work on this stretch in combination with pedestrian traffic create dangerous conditions and crashes on this stretch, which is too narrow for the traffic volumes. Between Canning bridge and Mt. Henry bridge there is no protective barriers separating the vulnerable road users from the adjacent freeway traffic travelling at 100 kmh.
Cranford Avenue Overpass, Brentwood Traffic going in all directions makes it difficult to find a safe cycling route
PSP at Parliament Hill, Perth A narrow path with high pedestrian a cycling volumes with frequent accidents (three accidents observed by one cyclist in the last two months)
PSP near Claremont Showgrounds Completely blind corner on a fast PSP

WA Police is looking for the public’s help in their investigation into a serious crash involving two cyclists on Sunday 29 January 2012.At about 9.15am, a group of five cyclists was travelling south along the cycle path behind the Claremont Showgrounds Train Station.

A 50 year old man leading the group collided with another man who was travelling in the opposite direction.

Both cyclists were seriously injured during the crash.

Police would like to hear from anyone who was travelling on this cycle path or was in the area at the time that may have seen the cyclists prior to the crash or the crash itself.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Tydeman Rd, North Fremantle Whilst there is a shared path on the southern side it is hard to cross when heading for Fremantle. Using the road itself is dangerous, documented by video footage. Difficult and dangerous to turn right from Tydeman Road on th Queen Street.
West Coast Drive, Roundabout at southern end Most roundabouts are dangerous for cyclists – this one is worse because of the high volume of both cycling and car traffic.
Most of the PSP network “In summary, much of the PSP network MUST be considered a black spot and is actually more dangerous that almost any other cycling infrastructure (but it does get you there quicker if you survive).” (Comment by an engineer employed by a Local Government Authority)
Cedric Street Cyclist have to cross an unregulated slip lane
Perth City CBD Too many black spots to mention individually. Essentially impossible to cycle safely in the CBD.
Excalibur Way, Carine A near blind corner where the PSP spills out onto (there is not path along this section so we have to ride on the road
Stubbs Terrace (junction with Selby Street) Most cycle traffic goes straight ahead to the PSP overpass on Nicholson Road, most motor traffic turns left due to Stubbs Tce being a dead end for them.
Welshpool level train crossing An unsafe area with a PSP stopping at the crossing – most motor vehicle traffic pulls right up to the gates when the crossing is closed to traffic for the passage of trains – Cyclist traffic cannot move from the PSP to the other side at a time when it is safest to cross this major intersection
Karrinyup Road intersection Has lights , but there are still accidents, the most recent on the 5.8.11
Gribble Road, Gwelup The PSP turns into a horrible mess of driveways and concrete slabs so cyclists ride on the road. This is similar to Excalibur Way in that the PSP spills out onto the Corner of Gribble and Balcatta roads

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