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Wednesday, 18 November 2009
Bassendean for people

Bassendean has the opportunity to become a place which acknowledges vulnerable road users such as older people with their gopher cars, pedestrians, school children and people choosing active transport for commuting. This can be done with a range of measures including the establishment of Community Roads that connect activity centres, and taking advantage of projects already under way.

The Principal Shared Path from Perth to Bassendean is funded, and could be extended. Federal and State grants are available for local infrastructure projects that benefit the community.

Principal Shared Path
Plan and Construct a Principal Share Path from Tonkin Highway to Bassendean station, connecting Bassendean to Bayswater and Guildford and link the PSP into the suburb. The PSP’s are the freeways of commuting for people who are not using motor cars.

The PSP will be on the South side of the railway line to Collier Road, then North of the railway line to Bassendean station. The route has been sketched, but final drawings are not yet made. Total length 2.1km, estimated budget $1.4m, the money is available (50% from DPI, 50% from MainRoads). Where the PSP crosses streets that cross the Rail line (near Katanning Street and at Collier Road) there will be provision for a central island large enough to accommodate a cyclist.

Connections from the PSP into Bassendean are envisaged near Katanning Street, near Coulston Road, near Chapman/Shackelton Roads: The connections consist of a ramp from the PSP to the road edge, but do not include any road treatment (i.e. central island etc) that assist PSP users to cross Guildford Road.

The existing pedestrian crossing over Guildford road near Collier Road (connects to the PSP) leads to a footpath that is narrow. This footpath should be widened both towards Shackelton Street and Palmer Street to allow for safe crossing by gopher cars on the footpath.

Currently the shared path on the north side of Collier road stops at Iolanthe Street and does not connect in a safe manner to the planned PSP or to the current rail crossing and traffic lights. About 80 meters of path are needed on the north side of Collier Road to finish the connection to the rail crossing.

This path should be extended over the Swan River to Guildford, and ToB should apply for grant to do this

Community Roads
Encouraging a healthy, safe environment with emphasis on a liveable suburb

These roads benefit all vulnerable road users, in particular older people in gopher cars, kids on their way to school, pedestrians and cyclists. On community roads vulnerable road users have priority over cars, and at crossings the intersecting roads are signed accordingly. Research shows that speed signs are not very effective to control car speed in low speed zones, but an appropriately built environment (i.e. removal of kerbs, mini plazas, central plantings etc) can indicate and demand lower car speeds, generally around 30 km/h.

Generally Community Roads run parallel to district distributor roads, so people driving cars have a convenient alternate route. Community roads are useful to allow vulnerable road users safe access to community facilities such as library, schools, parks, shops, public transport, entertainment centres, medical facilities, dentist and senior citizen centres.

Possible routes are:

North/South connections
– Starting at Reid Street – Elder Street, Wilson Street, Second Av, underneath the rail line to Walter Road. A possible connection to the Bassendean Primary School would be via Harcourt Street. This is part of the existing PBN network. The passage underneath the rail line does not meet any standards and is hard to use for cyclists, and not useable for gopher cars or cycles towing trailers.

– Whitfield Street from Ashfield reserve to Guildford Road. This connects Ashfield flats to the shopping centre via the Bassendean Primary School. The area abutting the school needs special attention and discussions due to the high volume of car traffic generated by parents dropping off kids.

East/West connections

Old Perth Road from the Rail Station to Point Reserve and the river via Surrey Road

Chapman and Watson from Guildford Road to Pickering Park and the river.

Coulston Road via Royer Court to the Ashfield Flats and the river.

When the final routes have been chosen, road treatment, signage and road markings need to be discussed with the Town of Bassendean. This would require some effort and co-funding by the Town of Bassendean.


•    Bikewest will write to Town of Bassendean outlining Community Road options and ask for guidance.
•    Town of Bassendean has agreed at a meeting in August 2009 to undertake traffic counts in the area surrounding Bassendean Primary School.
•    MainRoads will progress PSP outline sketches into plans and look at the construction options.
•    Town of Bassendean workshops should consider the above concepts (i.e. Guildford Road Community Workshop, Streetscape Planning Workshop, Strategic Planning Workshop)

Grant applications:

To Bikewest for a Local Bicycle Plan including school roadwise surveys at local schools (Anzac Terrace Primary, Montessori School in Hamilton Street, St.Michaels in James Street, Ashfield Primary, Bassendean Primary, Cyril Jackson).
A maximum of $100,000 can be applied for. Closing date 22nd January 2010. Guidelines and application forms can be found on the Bikewest site at

To Bikewest for events during Cycle Instead Bikeweek 2010, for instance
•    A breakfast in a central Bassendean locality, for instance Old Perth Road, combined with the free checking and small maintenance of bicycles (fits the application category “promoting benefits of cycling to local families and communities”)
•    A mobile free checking and small maintenance of bicycles service that tours all the Bassendean schools over a period of two days (fits the application category “promoting benefits of cycling to youth”.
These tend to be small grants; a total of about $24,000 is available which is usually divided between all the applicants. Last year the average grant was $1000. Closing date 10th of December 2009. Guidelines and application forms can be found on the Bikewest site at

Regional and Local Community Infrastructure Program Round Two
(This needs to be done before 10th January 2010, minimum 1 million with equal contribution by the supporting localities). Apply for two projects:

•    PSP crossing of the Swan River (application in conjunction with the Shire of Swan) from the Bassendean Station along the rail line, underneath Lord Street and crossing the river clipped on to the current rail crossing, then connecting to Victoria Street in Guildford. This would connect the Swan Valley to the Midland-Perth cycle route.

•    The re-construction a wide, safe passage from Wilson Street to Second Av underneath both Guildford Road and the rail line. This would give vulnerable users from north of the rail line direct access to the library and the shops.
Guidelines and Application forms here

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