BTA Annual General Meeting 4.3.2015 at 17:30

Invitation to the Annual General Meeting of the Bicycle Transport Alliance Inc. Wednesday 4th March 2015 5:30 pm for a […]

Invitation to the

Annual General Meeting

of the
Bicycle Transport Alliance Inc.

Wednesday 4th March 2015
5:30 pm for a 6:00 pm start,

City West Lotteries House, 2 Delhi St, West Perth WA.


1. Acceptance of Minutes from previous AGM
2. Convenor’s report
3. Treasurer’s report
4. Fixing of membership fees for next year
5. General business
6. Election of officers and board members

Preceded and followed by refreshments.

PS: If you are unable to attend the AGM, please send me your proxy so I can act on your behalf. This is important as sometimes the number of people physically attending is just reaching quorum.

Bicycles near river in Zurich


The year that was – 2014 BTA Activities


The Bicycle Transport Alliance (BTA) promotes cycling as a healthy, sustainable and environmentally responsible form of transport. As part of Bikeweek we exposed the non-cycling public to cycling themed video clips.

When people feel safe on our roads, more will cycle to work, school, shops and trains stations, and more will benefit from this healthy, sustainable and environmentally responsible form of transport. To improve the sharing of public space the BTA has published a code of conduct for bike riders. We also support that riders of all ages can share footpaths with pedestrians.


West Australia Bicycle Network

A complete and connected network of principal shared paths (PSP) and a benign road environment through a safe passing distance and lower speeds on selected suburban roads will benefit all riders. We have interacted with government agencies to advance the construction of more PSP segments.

The implementation of the West Australian Bike Network Plan (WABN) is guided by an implementation group which in which we participate. The BTA has suggested measures to improve the traffic management on local roads and to give clear guidance to local governments when applying for grants. The main tool is a 3-tier cycling infrastructure hierarchy suggested by the BTA, which should be incorporated into all the relevant planning documents issued by the Department of Transport and MainRoadsWA. This focuses on cycling to schools, connections to Perth Bike Network (PBN) and movements to and from railway stations.

Opening Bassenden PSP

One metre passing

We have worked with other cycling groups and the Greens to support a legislated safe passing distance, and spurred on by the trial in Queensland this has now been submitted to parliament. The ACT and South Australia are also making an enquiry into cycling safety and support the one meter passing distance.

There is in principle support for a safe passing distance from all cycling organisations as it is part of the WestCycle strategic plan.

The matter is now before parliament with clear support from the Greens, qualified support from Labor and opposition from the Government.

Metre Matters overtaking margin


The BTA is a member of the WA overarching cycling organisation WestCycle.

As the result of a memorandum of understanding we have taken office space in the same location as WestCycle to improve coordination of cycling advocacy activities, and additionally WestCycle employs the BTA Executive Officer, Heinrich Benz for 12 hours weekly for cycle advocacy until June 2015.



We have become more active in the communications space, using our website and our Facebook page as the main communications channel in preference to a regular newsletter. Media outlets suggest that there is a “war” on our roads between bike riders and motorists. We reacted strongly to unfortunate comments made on mass media against cyclists. As a result ABC management received over seventy formal complaints about one of their programs.

There have been numerous other occasions where BTA board members have featured in print both as letters and quoted in articles, interviewed on radio and featured on TV news articles.

We are also hoping to get some time on ABC radio to talk about cycling.

BTA Website: Number of visitors are about 500 – 600 per week

Facebook: The maximum of people reached in one week was over 30,000, and the page has over 950 “likes”.



We have actively supported the formation of the Australian Cyclists Party, and we have regular contact with them in regards to a West Australian chapter.

Our main political activities were focused on the Minister for Transport to discuss grants and increasing them, and the Director General of Transport, to improve the effectiveness with the way grant money is allocated and spent.

There is talk of a Bike Summit by the Labor party, supposedly bipartisan and possibly held during Bike Week. The BTA will support this approach and will participate.

Australian Cyclists Party 700 x 300

Government Departments

DOT – all day meeting to discuss cycling grants attended by BTA


  • Hounded by BTA to poison outbreak of Caltrop
  • Discussion about local government grants
  • Recommended that PSP standard be increased to 5 metres to allow segregation of cyclists and pedestrians
  • Attended opening of Lord Street PSP underpass in Bassendean
  • Other cycling improvements include cycle lanterns, cycling headstarts and change traffic light phasing, but these all require Ministerial approval.





We have continued to work with the RAC on issues that affect people riding bicycles sharing road space with motorists.

The RAC have reinstated their cycling coordinator role which we hope will increase cycling awareness within the organisation. They should also be rerunning their biannual on-line cycling survey that explores attitudes to cyclists.

The RAC had represented not only motorists but all ‘vulnerable road users’ in the Vulnerable Road Users Action Group. With the creation of WestCycle, the responsibility for representing cyclists has now be given to them. We hope this will restore some action focus to this group which has been somewhat lacking.

RAC/DoT/Office of Road Safety are paying for a “share the road” campaign which will be low-budget (back of buses, radio, and social media). We believe this to be more window dressing than effective, and we brought this to the attention of the relevant agencies.


Bikeweek 2015 and other business                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Bikeweek falls between 14th and 22 March. WestCycle was awarded the tender and are organising suitable events, however DoT still needs to approve look and feel of the promotions and approve all grants. One of Bikeweek’s regular features, the Freeway Bike Hike looks it might be under threat for future years as the MRD see ‘problems’ with surrounding road closures and would prefer it was cancelled. Can’t inconvenience motorists even for 4 hours once a year apparently.

Various meetings and seminars were attended by BTA including

A meeting organised by the Heart Foundation, speaker Brent Toderian from Vancouver. He was talking about “smart growth vs dumb growth” warning against “doing the wrong thing better”.

A talk in connection with Travel Smart To School at DoT with Griffin Longley comparing 6000 words vs 500 words spoken in a family of four.

A morning with the Australasian College of Road Safety at the RAC, where the BTA raised the misguided car-focused road safety strategies in WA and the failure of the Road Safety Council (RSC) to press for lower speeds in suburbs and around schools. This and other cycling concerns were subsequently discussed with Murray Lampard (Chair of the RSC).

A meeting with Joondalup about their bike plan. Suggested that with limited funds they are better off to focus implementation on a relatively small area that includes schools, shops and train stations.






BTA suggestions for a code of conduct:

Other road users Carry a bell and use – avoid surprising peopleSignal your intentions (slowing, passing, turning, etc).Slow down when approaching pedestrians and slower riders
Use of paths Be courteous and patient with pedestrians and other path users who are moving more slowly than you – shared paths are for sharing, not speedingOnly overtake when there is enough room and it is safe to do so, and never move into the path of an oncoming cyclistIt is illegal to ride two abreast on a PSP.Do not join/form groups unless you are trained/experienced
Safety when riding in traffic Ride at a safe speed that is suitable to the conditions, infrastructure and number of users. This includes slowing down as needed when space is limited or if you cannot see clearly aheadIn dull and dark weather make sure you have lights so you can be seenDon’t use a mobile phone whilst riding. Don’t use earphones whilst riding if they eliminate all external sounds.Be aware of drivers’ blind spots and opening of doors, try for eye contact with car drivers at lights.Ride a metre from the kerb in a straight line. Avoid weaving in and out of traffic

Be predictable and signal your intentions

Whilst it is legal to ride two abreast on a road, consider riding single file when road infrastructure makes it difficult or dangerous for motorists to pass you.

The law Obey traffic laws (traffic lights and signs, stop signals, crossing double lines, lack of lights, riding more than two abreast, wear helmet, etc)
Bunch riding Be predictable, don’t overlap wheels, maintain a steady pace, communicate, ride within your own limits, join or leave from the rear, no audio devices





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