Cycling facilities improve cities — report

Making it easier for people to use bicycles as transport improves living conditions in cities, according to a report commissioned by the Lord Mayors of Australian capital cities.

Improving walking conditions and public transport also helped to create a synergy, which, when all three were added together, had a benefit greater than the individual projects, it said.
The report, Unlocking Smart Growth in Australian Cities was done by Urbis consultants for the Council of Capital City Lord Mayors.

“Importantly, the total impacts of Smart Growth are greater than the sum of their individual impacts,” the report said.  “The magnitude of these benefits can only be truly realised if their synergistic and cumulative effect is taken into account. When more intensive urban forms, a well-connected mix of land uses, improved walkability and cycling opportunities, and enhanced public transport are put together they create a synergy.

“Research from Australia and the US showed that the cost of adding a new dwelling and the necessary infrastructure – electricity, gas, telephone, roads, kerbing and guttering etc. – in new suburbs at the edge of the city was nearly twice as expensive as providing a new dwelling in the established parts of a city,” the report said.


See the full report at Urbis:

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