Vic top cop backs cyclists rights

Cyclists have the right to use roads, Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Ken Lay, a cyclist, says in a new video posted on the Victoria Police Blue Tube channel on You Tube.

“Our roads are paid for by our taxes and rates,” he says.

“Bikes are classified as vehicles and like cars, they have the right to use our roads.

“All road users must understand and obey our road rules.

“Bike riders are more vulnerable than drivers because they are not protected by a car and they also have their back to approaching traffic.

“They do rely on drivers to give them space.

“Drivers – look out for bikes, cyclists may ride two abreast legally.

“Be patient when you are driving and give bikes at least one metre clearance when passing, more if you are travelling over 60 kilometres per hour.  If this isn’t possible, don‘t over take till it’s safe.

“Cyclists – ride safely and responsibly and always wear your helmet.

“Motorists and cyclists have a shared responsibility when using our roads.

“The vulnerability of cyclists does put the responsibility on motorists to drive safely and in a way that does not risk the lives of cyclists.”

Mr Lay ends his message with:

“As a police officer, as a driver and as a cyclists, please share the road safely.”


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