BTA activities in 2013

March  2014 One Metre Passing Clearance law: Campaigned through the year making submissions to and meeting WA Government ministers, Police […]

March  2014

One Metre Passing Clearance law:

  • Campaigned through the year making submissions to and meeting WA Government ministers, Police Service, senior public servants and the RAC (which represents all road users including cyclists and pedestrians) for a road law to make motor vehicles give bicycles a minimum of one metre clearance when overtaking. Worked with the Amy Gillett Foundation, other cycling groups and Federal politicians on the national campaign to get such a law in every State and Territory. Worked with Greens to propose relevant legislation in WA.

WA Bicycle Network:

  • Campaigned every week to get detailed proposals for bike paths set in the WABN, a schedule for them to be built and particularly the money to build them included in the State Budget.  Letters to and meetings with the Transport Minister, Transport Director-General and Main Roads Commissioner and other to progress the draft WABN plan, and to release it to the public
  • Analysis and critique of the cost and effectiveness of individual path projects.
  • Campaigned for more money for bike path projects put forward by councils.
  • Intervened in and participated in the grant allocation process to local governments to encourage grant funding to be focused on safe routes leading to schools, train stations, shops and places of employment
  • Participated in the WABN Implementation Reference Group to ensure that the focus of the activities was on strategic projects
  • Participated in the review of “Traffic Management on Local Roads” with MainRoadsWA, with the aim of local roads becoming safer for people riding bicycles.


The BTA participated in getting WestCycle off the ground and it was set up to represent the three main types of cyclists – those who use their bikes as transport; those who use them for recreation and those who compete in organised cycling sports.

  • Met WestCycle executives formally and informally  to encourage them to fulfil its charter obligations and do more to make cycling safer for people who use their bikes for transport.
  • Wrote to and met the Transport Minister to press WestCycle to do more for commuter cyclists.

Ride to Work Day:

  • Board members attended a number of Ride to Work events on October 16 in central Perth and the suburbs to promote the BTA and try to recruit more members.

Sustainable Transport Futures:

  • Board members contributed to the Sustainable Transport Futures Conference at Fremantle Town Hall on January 31.

Local Government Bike Plans:

  • Board members contributed to a number of Bike Plans in Local Government areas. For instance they attended the City of Vincent seminars in December 2012 to suggest to council staff and consultants what was needed in the proposed plan.  The BTA made a submission on priority projects in Vincent December 2013. The BTA was also involved in the Town of Bassendean bike plan, both at the initial survey, then the community consultation and finally at the discussion around the finished plan. A BTA member made detailed submissions to Stirling Council on its bike network paths in the northern suburbs.

Lethal drain covers:

  • A board member continued his campaign of sending councils, shopping centre operators and other organisations photos of drain covers that could catch cyclists wheels and cause a serious crash.  So far, only the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board – Karrakatta Cemetery – has fixed such covers.

Cycling safety:

  • The BTA discussed the proposed actions from the OLA safety forum with the RAC as part of VRUAG (Vulnerable road user action group)

Bike Week 2013:

  • Board members attended Bike Week Breakfasts organised by the City of Melville, City of Cambridge, City of Vincent, City of Subiaco, University of WA, Edith Cowan University Mt Lawley and City of Belmont to talk to the early morning commuters about cycling projects and how they could help.
  • Board members also attended events organised by suburban Bicycle User Groups to promote the BTA.
  • The BTA staged the Y-Cycle Film Festival, shown all day on the City of Perth Big Screen at the Northbridge Piazza on Saturday, March 16.


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