Riverside Drive path gets new route

Eliz Quay Cyclist-and-Pedestrian-path-from-February-2014

Cyclists using Riverside Drive now have to divert around the Elizabeth Quay construction site.

They can follow a shared path but have to cross Barrack Street at The Esplanade and Riverside Drive at the intersection of Beaufort Street.

The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority said the route now is:

• The dual use path along the eastern side of Barrack Street.
• The dual use path on the southern side of The Esplanade.
• Temporary paths on William Street [that have been constructed inside the site boundary].

This route also requires cyclists to cross at signals or ride with the traffic. This diversion will be in place until 2015.

State Government press releases and statements by ministers have said that cyclists will be able to use the proposed bridge to be built across the inlet to the Quay when it is finished, effectively reinstating a continuous shared path.

Road traffic will be routed permanently around Barrack Street, The Esplanade and William Street.


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