BTA AGM 18.3.2014 17:30

If you are unable to attend the AGM, please send me your proxy so I can act on your behalf. […]

If you are unable to attend the AGM, please send me your proxy so I can act on your behalf. This is important as sometimes the number of people physically attending is just reaching quorum.

Invitation to the Annual General Meeting of the Bicycle Transport Alliance Inc.
Tuesday 18th March 2014 5:30 pm for a 6:00 pm start,
City West Lotteries House, 2 Delhi St, West Perth WA.


1. Acceptance of Minutes from previous AGM
2. Convenor’s report
3. Treasurer’s report
4. Fixing of membership fees for next year
5. General business
6. Election of officers and board members

Preceded and/or followed by refreshments.

MINUTES  of previous 2014 AGM, held on Tuesday 18 March 2013

PLACE: 2 Delhi Street, West Perth, 6005
OPENED: 1755 hours
PRESENT: Quorum present. Heinrich Benz, Robert Hunt, Roland Parrotte, Alice Benz, Geraldine Box, Michael Boswell, William Greenhill, Peter Fallon, Peter Bartlett, Greg Elliott. Proxies from Andrew Priest, Alex Gardner, Adrian Glamorgan, Mick Murphy, James Flynn, Scott Pryer, Greg Elliott, Eddy Campbell, Rodney Lorrimer.
Treasurer Peter Bartlett chaired the meeting in the absence of Steven McKiernan, who told the board in an email in February that he was resigning immediately.
MINUTES OF LAST AGM: – on 20 March 2012 circulated earlier.
Moved Alice Benz, seconded Peter Fallon that they be accepted. Passed unanimously.
BOARD REPORT: (Full report attached)
The board put in a big effort on cycling funding. The State Transport Minister announced $30 million for cycling over this term of government. Last year the minister announced $50 million over five years, compared with $10 million over the previous five years. The BTA board’s push for funding helped because it got to the notice of the government.
The BTA co-ordinated the Bike Safety Forums with the RAC.
The BTA boosted the response to the WA Bike Network plan. The government expected about 200 submissions and got 500. The BTA put its feedback in early and posted it on the website. A lot of other people and groups grabbed bits of it so that a lot of respondents repeated the BTA’s ideas.
The Guildford Road Bridge upstream side has been concreted – after three or four years lobbying.
TREASURER’S REPORT: (Full report was circulated earlier and is attached)
The BTA is relying more on grants. It got a small grant from Westcycle.
Cash reserves are running down. It lost a few members when Australian Cyclist magazine folded because they liked it.
If the BTA did not raise enough money it would keep going for about two years. Overheads had been cut as much as possible.
Heinrich Benz commented that the board was trying to organise another magazine but nothing had come out of it.
He said the two years forecast was pretty optimistic unless the BTA could get organisational funding to run the organisation. A grant from the RAC had paid for him to work three days a week. It would be moving into the Westcycle office in Leederville about May.
Moved Alice Benz, seconded Michael Boswell, that the Treasurer’s report be accepted. Passed unanimously.
Moved Alice Benz, seconded Peter Fallon, that the fees stay the same. Passed unanimously.
Alice Benz: I think we need to focus on a membership drive and form a secondary group to look at ways of promoting the BTA and what we can offer members instead of Australian cyclist. I am happy to head this.
Michael Boswell: People do not see our political work.
Roland Parrotte: Can the BTA keep asking government authorities when the Bike Plan is being implemented.
Heinrich Benz: I am on the WABN Implementation Committee. My job will be to tell the new Transport Minister that we need more money.
Roland Parrotte: City of Perth. As far as I know, there is representative for cycling. I do not believe that there is a City of Perth Bike Plan Implementation Committee. There should be a BTA member on it.
Treasurer Peter Bartlett, Secretary Robert Hunt, Alice Benz and Andrew Priest all renominated.
Elected unopposed were: Peter Bartlett, Robert Hunt, Alice Benz, Andrew Priest, Michael Boswell and Geraldine Box.
MEETING CLOSED: 1905 hours.

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