100th bike corral for Portland

Bijou Corral, Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon, has just opened its 100th bicycle corral, a milestone in a program that has helped businesses increase on-street customer parking ten-fold in the past nine years, the Portland Bureau of Transportation says.

Bicycle parking far surpasses any other US city, it says.

“Altogether, Portland businesses and the city have replaced 163 car parking spaces with 1644 bicycle parking spaces. The Transportation Bureau continues to respond to business requests as bike parking demand increases, and currently has 98 additional applications under review,” the bureau said on its website.

“Bicycle corrals provide efficient use of the street for bicycle parking in areas with high demand. Corrals typically can park 12 to 24 bicycles in the same space as one to two cars.”

“At the request of local businesses, PBOT has installed 100 on-street bike corrals since 2004; the vast majority have been installed since 2009,” it said.

The long standing partnership with local business has encouraged active transport and strengthened the health and economic vitality of Portland.

Corrals provided a 10 to 1 customer to parking space ratio, freed up congested footpaths and improved visibility at busy intersections for those on foot or behind the wheel.

Most of Portland’s bicycle parking was provided in bike racks on the footpath.

However, in a growing number of commercial areas the high demand for bicycle parking was too much for the footpath.

In other cases, local businesses simply preferred bicycles in the parking strip rather than cars because customers were turning more to bicycles for transport.  In all cases, corrals are installed at the express request or co-operation of the adjacent businesses, it said.

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