1400 buses a day cross Roe Street cycleway from Monday

Roe Street changes

Cyclists using the Roe Street, Northbridge, bike path will have to allow for 700 buses crossing it each way each day — a total of 1400 — from January 12.

Disruption to the Principal Shared Path, between Milligan and William, would begin on Monday, December 12, while the temporary Roe Street bus station was built, the Public Transport Authority said.

Bus services would begin on January 12.

It and another temporary bus station in Wellington Street, would be used while the current Wellington Street Bus Station was replaced by an underground bus station, part of the City Link project to sink the rail line and bus station.

They were scheduled to operate until mid-2016.

The Roe Street bus station would have a separate entrance and exit near Lake Street (see map).

The PTA said 700 buses would go into and out of it each typical week day, making a total of 1400 bus “movements” a day.

However, the buses in the peak hours typically would be in bunches with a break of minutes between them and not a steady stream at the rate of one every 40 seconds.

Chicanes and signs would be installed on the cycleway at the bus crossings to create “slow zones” for the safety of cyclists, pedestrians and buses, the PTA said.

Cyclists also would notice a new merge zone with pedestrians further east on the PSP (opposite Nicks Lane), bus passengers entering and leaving the bus station would go through a gate (see map).

More information
For more information on the broader Bus Project, visit www.perthcitylink.wa.gov.au, call 13 62 13 or email businfo@pta.wa.gov.au

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