2013 WA elections – where the parties stand

After the announcement by the Liberal party of an additional $30mio towards cycling infrastructure for the next term of government, I have updated our overview of the parties cycling position.

The Greens have put forward the most comprehensive cycling policy with the aim of having 29% of all trips done by bicycle by 2029. The plan of the Greens includes funding and source of funds.

The Liberals are using their incumbency to support the West Australian Bike Network Plan (WABN), and have promised funding for the next four years. They have given verbal support for cycling as part of the solution to congestion.

Labor is giving “in principle” support for the WABN. They have not promised any funding for cycling. Their Metronet vision is including prioritiy access of bicycles to Metronet train stations.

The more detailed updated comparison can be found here





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