Y-cycle? Screening in Northbridge Piazza 16.3.13

Y-cycle? 2013 – Detailed screening Program

  Very approximate start times Duration Content
1 7:00 29:31 Meter matters,, Red light (Lego), Car/bike get along, give us a chance, lights turn heads plusHerbs and Botanicals:7:04:Saffron King: A spice merchant in NYC does all his business and deliveries on a bicycle. He calls himself a mixologist

Everyman:4:44:Storm, man sleeping in nature (dreaming?), bagpiper on unicycle. Filmed in Portland.

Parasol:8:23:Nice concept and filming. Cartoon and drawn. Romantic story. Just nice…

Performance:2:49:Rap song re performance (snob) biking.

2 7:31 35:00 Holstee Manifesto, No light strategies, One less car plusPuppy Tales:5:36:People are interviewed about a cyclist who worked as a legendary bike messenger and eventually  disappeared. Observe the different  messengers that are interviewed to get a feel of their cycling culture in that location. Or is it a mocumentary?

San Francisco Critical Mass:4:25:A “out there ”celebration of urban cycling”. Dressed, dressed up or dressed down. Happy cyclists, stationary car drivers, confused police. Halloween theme.

Copenhagen Cargo Bikes:1:10:Shows cargo bikes in daily use in Copenhagen, transporting kids, goods, toys, food, adults and everything else.

A car free street grows in Queens:4:18:Street closure for a summer in New York (two months). They got political and community support. Now everybody thinks it is great.

Ride against warming:1:43:Ride against warming in Perth December 2009. Cyclist meet in Northbridge and then go for a brief ride around town

Time Bike:9:00:A retro bike turns into a time machine that enables it’s owner to find the right girl in the past

3 8:06 31:50 Meter matters, , Red light (Lego), Car/bike get along, Respect red lights, lights turn heads plusTokyo to Osaka:13:01:11 American cyclists ride 400 miles in Japan on single gear bikes, and get a look at Japanese bike culture. Sleeping out.

Get Dirty:3:10:Rap Song Mountainbike

Right Hook:1:54:Cyclist gets cut off by car and takes revenge (in fantasy)

Crashing in Bike lanes:3:03:Bicycle rider gets fined for not riding his bicycle in a bike lane, and sets out to demonstrate that bike lanes are often obstructed.

Jousting:4:20:Jousting – slow motion and stylised

4 8:38 29:26 Holstee Manifesto,  One less car plusCycle through London:2:06:A cyclist riding through London experiences some frustration

20 is plenty:4:42:How is public space equitable shared between all users? The UK campaign to reduce all residential suburban streets to 20 mph, with some success. The video shows some of the advantages of lower speeds, the increased amenity, reduced noise, increased safety. Many people petition their local councils to implement lower speeds in their area, and there are now about 3 million people in the UK living on low-speed streets.

Tag:5:20:Fast cyclists and Rollerblader play tag on the streets of London. Fast.

Traffic Calming Postcards from London:3:04:Shared spaces in the UK. Examples of designs that advantage pedestrians, including lower car speeds (20 mph). “Maze-like” system of Bollards used to calm residential streets and prevent cars taking shortcuts.

NYC Bike Stories Dr. Janice Turner:1:38:Been cycling for over 40 years. Talking about health problems. Everyone needs to be active. Creating Greenways in the Bronx.:

Natco Cities for cycling:4:16:Natco Road Show in Chicago, talk to planners, policy makers and advocates.  Infrastructure focus and best practice. Chicago Major commits to 25 miles per year of new bicycle infrastructure. Introduced by Gabe Klein, Commissioner of the Chicago DOT:

Poetic BMX’s on stage:2:12:Original title “a vicious cycle”. People on single speed bikes perform on a stage in London, set to classical music.


5 9:08 27:44 Meter matters, , Red light (Lego), Car/bike get along, give us a chance, lights turn heads plusRethinking Streets in Paris:6-10:New mobility in Paris – they are moving away from separating traffic. Traffic users are responsible for all users lighter than they are. Slow cars down. Remove curbs. All users have to be mixed. Focus on people rather than vehicles.

Copenhagen Bike Parade:3-15:Velo-City Global in Copenhagen June 2010. World Cycling Conference. Clarence Eckerson of Streetfilms comments. Shows delegates, and then documents the Bike Parade as the fun part of the conference. Sort of civilised critical mass, lots of slow cyclists in street clothes, lots of cargo bikes.

Moving House by bicycle:3:27:Who needs a moving van if you can organise your bicycle friends to help move your household in Barcelona, using supersized cargo bikes

On yer bike:3:00:A promotion by the WA Department of Housing to encourage it’s employees to use a bicycle to commute to work

(Car) Love affairs:4:00:Perth people are in love with their cars, but once a year bicycles are taking the freeway over for a few hours.


6 9:37 30:17 Holstee Manifesto, No light strategies, One less car plusAn American comments on Dutch cycling policy:1:49:Julie Ruterbories, the Consul General of the United States in Holland rides a bicycle and comments. She feels in Holland measures are supported and implemented that are good for society  as a whole. Cycling is an example. With a bit of effort cycling can be made part of a community, and everybody benefits.

Cycling for everyone:7:13:Starts with historical look at cycling participation and accident rates. It then illustrates Holland as a cycling nation, the extensive cycling infrastructure,the traffic rules  and introduces the Dutch Cycling Embassy


Utrecht Traffic Garden:2:42:Was created in the 50’s to help children to feel comfortable in traffic environments. Kids drive “cars”, cycle or are pedestrians, and get taught how to behave in traffic. Most kids attending are around 10 years old, before they go to secondary school.

Round the clock cycling in the Netherlands:5:35:On an average working day 5 million people make over 14 million bicycle trips in the Netherlands – almost everyone cycles. Moe women than men cycle. Cycling traffic is relly dense. Between 8 and 9 in the morning more bicycles are used than cars. The average Dutch bike ride is a little over 3km, with 75% of rides being less than 3km.  The risk of a Dutch cyclist becoming the victim of a serious traffic incidents is the lowest in the world and this is due to separate bicycle infrastructure and the large number of people on bicycles. (Producer???)

San Francisco Bike Music Festival:7:18:Bike Music Festival  – great fun, bicycles are the transport and the power for the festival.

More music than cycling, but a great idea.


7 10:07 34:21 Meter matters,  Red light (Lego), Car/bike get along, Respect red lights, lights turn heads plusCrazy Human Powered Things:8:57:Bunch of kids and adolescents construct and ride strange things with wheels. Some quite amazing feats on the ground, and flying…

Cycle Chic visits Tokyo:3:40:Observations of cycling in dense Tokyo traffic at night

Trailer Beauty and the Bike:8:00:Adolescent English girls discover that cycling can be cool if you have the right attitude and bike. A visit to Bremen shows them how it’s done.

Portland Boulevards become Greenways:6:54:Portland wants to go from 8% to 25% cycling participation, and they will do this by expanding their network of Bicycle Boulevards, also called “Neighbourhood Greenways”.  This infrastructure will be expanded to ensure that the number of people that live within 800 metres from a bicycle and pedestrian friendly facility increases from less than 25% to over  80% in the next five years. The Greenways will have a 20mph speed.


8 10:42 27:12 Holstee Manifesto,  One less car plusNot just clowning around:3:30:New York City. People dressed as clowns, on bicycles, cajole and pester car drivers to stay out of bike lanes. Streetfilms production.

NYC Janette Sadik-Khan:11.02:Interview with Janette Sadik Khan, Director of the Department of Transport in New York. “We used to look at streets as utilitarian corridors designed to make traffic flow as fast as possible”. “Design has to for people”. Creation of Plazas and generally giving safe spaces to pedestrians and cyclist. Slowing down traffic.”The feet are driving the traffic pattern here”. New York has the largest  bus fleet in America and the slowest bus speeds in America. Dedicated bus lanes. Protected bike lanes by pushing the parking lane further into the road, and positioning the bicycle lane between the cars and the footpath. “This is the epitomy of a complete street”.

Training Wheels:2:00:Girl visits friends, removes training wheels, but never manages to ride the bike, and never tries again

Biking around town with Randy Cohen:4:14:Writer for the New York Times. “Seeing a car in a park is like seeing Mona Lisa splattered with mud”. Talks about cycling in New York, enthusiastically. He talks about Janette Sadik-Khan and her philosophy. “the exercise is not to focus on car movements, but on people movements” and “roads not as conduits for travel, but as public space”


9 11:09 33:14 Meter matters, , Red light (Lego), Car/bike get along, give us a chance, lights turn heads plusBike Copenhagen:5:08:Mikael Colville-Anderson explains some of the measures taken in Copenhagen to promote cycling, and demonstrates the effects.

Copenhagen through American Eyes:10:45:American Transport and Cycling Advocates visit Copenhagen as part of a Conference, and comment the traffic system. 55% of cyclists in Copenhagen are women. The admiring and critical observations made by the visiting American cycling promoters are directly applicable to Australia, who shares it’s low cycling participation with America.

Copenhagen January Cycling:3:52:Even in the middle of winter people commute by bicycle in Copenhagen.

Copenhagens Car free and slow speed zones:7:22:Jan Gehl comments on the history of car dominance in Copenhagen in the 1970’s, and the improvements since then. The video then shows how well people and business have adapted. Also comments by local politicians, Penelosa and other visitors. It created a people friendly cities. Talks about the importance of lower (car) speeds, down to 15kmh for cars

10 11:43 31:24 Holstee Manifesto, No light strategies, One less car plusNew York City Bike Wars. Time to share the street:4:52:Great comments from cab driver who does not like bicycles. Advocacy based on accident stats and interviews. Shows NYC bike infrastructure and attitudes

Filmed and edited by Aki Pagratis, Produced by Eco-mobility.TV, Produced by Parta Dialogue

Bogota cycleways and Penelosa:3:31:Illustrating the Bogota cycling infrastructure. Bogota has 350 km of high quality 4m tracks. “The infrastructure empowers people” and it is a symbol of equality. This high quality routes are used both in slums and rich areas. Money was spent on cycle paths instead of roads. Cycling participation went from 0.1% to 5%.

NYC complete Streets:11:02:Streets are not just for cars, so in the last few years NYC has changed the mindset on car usage and public usage of the streets. Everybody seems to benefit from fewer cars and more people on streets. Infrastructure lessons…. A 73-year old lady riding a bicycle explains how “complete streets” enables her to use the street with a bicycle, which was not possible for her previously, as she felt unsafe. The effects of the re-design reduced car speeds, increased bus speeds and reduced accidents by 56%.

Clever parking:4:47:Free car parking on streets is lowest possible use of public space. Relatively cheap on-street parking gives a hidden subsidy to the car industry. In the US, the average car parking spot costs about $15000, the average bike rack $200. Parked cars take away space that could be used for recreational facilities. Car parking on streets allows public space to be privatised. Introduces the system of “parking days” where people can occupy parking spaces in a leisurely way for a day. San Francisco is “re-possessing” car bays and gives them to local businesses or as bike parking.

11 12:14 27:24 Meter matters, , Red light (Lego), Car/bike get along, Respect red lights, lights turn heads plusTeam Wonderbike:1:30:Bike more,  Drive less. The suited bloke riding to work enjoys his live and gets to work quicker than the stressed car driver.

Bicycle locks:5:40:How to lock up your bicycle to keep it safe from New York thieves (or not…). An informative and funny critique.

Fixing the great mistake – Auto:3:43:New York how cars took over from people. Historical footage showing the shrinking of footpaths. Current picture of traffic jams. Good DoT and permissive mayor. “Summer Streets”. Urban life is about people in streets.

Major Bike Mojo in Minneapolis:6:21:Made themselves the Number 1 cycling city in the USA. $30 million in Federal Funds to increase bicycling.

NACTO Cities for cycling:3:39:NACTO = National Association of City Transportation Officials. They were invited to Boston, who wants to be the top cycling city in the USA. A meeting of USA cycling planners and advocates, with snapshots of what is happening in American cities re cycling policy and infrastructure


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