Outage on the Mitchell Freeway PSP near Mount St, Perth

We have heard from MainRoads this evening that there is currently a scheduled outage of the PSP near Mount St, Perth.

This section of the PSP has collapsed due to development occuring next to the PSP and attempts to repair without a closure have been unsuccessful with the area currently having several chicanes covering the collapsed sections and reducing the width of the PSP to one lane.  There is also a section covered by a metal plate.

The path may be closed between 9am and 3pm on Friday Feb 22 with diversions being Mount St footbridge, Mount St, Spring St, then along the existing DUP under the freeway from Spring St to the Narrows Interchange.

The above is estimates only and is dependant on other work being completed, otherwise, the above will have to be re-scheduled.

PSP near Mount St. Perth



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