Ride the River Route? Have your say on the City of Melville Bike Plan 2012

City of Melville Bike Plan 2012

Not much time on for input on the City of Melville Bike Plan 2012 but then we are in 2013 and the plan is still not finalised.  If you are ride in the City of Melville, and remember the very popular around the river bike route does go through the City of Melville please consider giving them some input.

The City of Melville is accepting submissions on their Bike Plan 2012 via an online submission form. Note it is not a survey, so you do have to put your thoughts to paper so to speak and leave them a comment.

Time is short on this one with submissions being accepted up to 5:00 PM March 7, 2013.

Given the popularity of the around the river route I do hope as many cyclists as possible provide constructive feedback to the City of Melville. If we don’t do it now the opportunity may be lost for sometime.

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Andrew Priest (aka Aushiker) is a Board member of the Bicycle Transport Alliance and a keen cyclist and bushwalker who is a passionate advocate of cycling and cyclist road safety. All views expressed here are his own and not those necessarily of the board of the Bicycle Transport Alliance.