Centralised Road Closure Information (soon)

MainRoadsWA have been tasked to be the central spot to provide road closure information to the public. The idea is that MRA and City of Perth provide their information on MAJOR closures to MainRoadsWA, who will then put it on their website in the form of a clickable map which informs of all the closures for the coming week.

As soon as the website goes life we will link to it from our website.

I cannot help thinking that cyclist’s persistence and letter writing in the last few months have contributed to this approach.  MainRoadsWA  indicated that the request for this application had come “straight from the top”. I like to thank the people who have taken the time to raise this issue in a constructive manner.

There will be a mass of closures in February – March, leading up to election time, and traffic in the city will be torturous. Plenty of opportunity for the major parties to score congestion points.

There will be an attempt to identify major cycling issues as well, for instance the looming closure of the connection between the PSP and the CBD via William Street – with no real alternative except using Barrack Street, which will also have reduced lanes, and cyclist and pedestrians will share the one available footpath. The alternative would be to separate cyclists and pedestrians by sending cyclists all the way up to Victoria Avenue.

Market Street will be difficult for the next six months, as we found out from MRA before Christmas. In addition to the works associated with the Arena, there will be replacement of sewer or gas pipes in that area.

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