Business case for cycling in WA

A Business Case for Investment in Cycling in Western Australia Ian Ker 2012

As the title indicates this 89 page report takes a comprehensive look at the money side of cycling in WA. An executive summary of the report can be found on the RAC website (The RAC commissioned the report)

Based on current population figures it suggests a $296mio investment into cycling over the next ten years ($340 allowing for population growth). The benefits are based on a very modest increase in cycling (1 mio km per year for the next ten years).

The report shows a Benefit to Cost ratio (BCR) of 3.4:1 over 25 years at a 7% discount rate. To put this into context, the BCR for public transport investment in WA is about 1.8:1, and for roads it is seldom better than 1:1.

To put it differently –  if the $1billion for the Airport Expressway would be put into cycling, it would yield $3.4billion in benefits.

To conform to the National Cycling Strategy (update to the Strategy here) wants to double the number of people cycling by 2016, and WA will try to work towards that by doubling cycling trips by 2018. This would require an additional 16mio cycle km per year.

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