Europe decides 30 kmh is the right urban speed

A new report from the International Transport Forum (an OECD body) is dealing with “Pedestrian Safety, Urban Space and Health”. It can be previewed here. It builds on the resolution passed by the European Parliament in September 2011 calling for 30 kmh speed limits in residential areas and on all single lane roads without cycle tracks. The European Cycling Federation comments:

“According to ECF’s urban mobility expert, Martti Tulenheimo, implementing 30 km/h zones could drastically increase the number of people cycling.

“30 km/h zones can play a big role in a cycling city. When it’s implemented as part of a cycling network, they make cycling safer, and they make cyclists feel safer. If people feel safe, then they’re going to cycle more often,” explains Tulenheimo.

He adds: “At the end of the day, it’s not just about cycling or walking. It’s about being able to live and breathe in a city where you don’t have to feel intimidated by traffic. Cities should be all about people.”

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