Greenways in London help in the fight against obesity

Providing safe infrastructure always attracts people on bicycles and on foot – nobody want to be buzzed by cars. And if the safe paths are numerous and connected, even more people want to use.

For instance the Greenway network in London has seen a 21% increase in people walking and cycling. This is similar to the  20% proportionate increase we have seen when the Bassendean segment of the Midland PSP got opened – the increase in the raw numbers was 61%.

London’s 375 km of Greenways are traffic free routes through parks, and along canals and quiet streets. A further 1900 km are planned. 45% of people using Greenways said that they walked more than before, and 19% started to cycle more, with another 26% intending to cycle more in the future.

This is good news for UK policy makers, who are worried that about two-thirds of people over 16 are not active enough, and physical activity is responsible for 6% of deaths globally.

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