Scarborough Beach Road Activity Corridor Framework Submission

Scarborough Beach Road Activity Corridor Framework

Planning WA has released for public comment, the Scarborough Beach Road Activity Corridor Framework. The Framework is about setting out a plan for Scarborough Beach Road from its commencement in North Perth through to Scarborough Beach.  Given the nature of Scarborough Beach Road and the critical transportation and cycling issues the Bicycle Transport Alliance has made a submission to the Department of Planning to ensure that cyclists’ voices are heard.

The Minister of Planning, the Honourable John Day in the forward to the plan comments:

A key priority for Scarborough Beach Road is to plan for infrastructure that supports the community, with a focus on improved public transport, cycling and pedestrian facilities to help reduce a reliance on car transport. This will help sustain future growth along the corridor, in particular the Osborne Park and Herdsman employment centres.

Regretfully the Framework in our view falls short of this goal and Planning WA and key stakeholders including the Town of Vincent and the City of Stirling need to reconsider the framework with the Minister’s objective in mind.

The Bicycle Transport Alliance’s submission on the Framework can be viewed here and whilst we encourage all cyclists to put forward a submission (and you are most welcome to draw upon our submission and a Word document format is available – please just leave a request for same in the comments field below) we appreciate that this a time consuming task so ask that you seriously consider at least completing the fast feedback survey.  There is a real opportunity here to input in to addressing the serious issues facing cyclists on Scaroborugh Beach Road. Lets not let this opportunity pass by.

The deadline for submissions is December 17, 2012 so please act before then.

Your Turn To Talk

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About Andrew

Andrew Priest (aka Aushiker) is a Board member of the Bicycle Transport Alliance and a keen cyclist and bushwalker who is a passionate advocate of cycling and cyclist road safety. All views expressed here are his own and not those necessarily of the board of the Bicycle Transport Alliance.