Tim’s Ride – Safe Cycling – 10th November 2012

Tim’s Ride – Safe Cycling, was held on 10th November 2012, and I was privillaged to attend.

This ride was about Safe Cycling and the emphasis on Increased Visibility on our roads, and it did this.

We were asked prior to the ride, to remember where we were on the night of 8th March 2012, and for me I knew exactly where I was, as I was the City fo Melville’s Bike Forum and had the choice of riding home via Fremantle and up the coast route, or take the freeway PSP home.  How much more would have my life changed on this evening if I had taken the coast route instead.

The below images are not the official ones, they were just taken with my phone and bike camera.

Thank you for organising this ride, and visit Tim’s Ride – Safe Cycling for more information about the ride and Tim.




Clint (left) from WestCyle


Curtin Ave

Memorial just build – photo by Aushiker

Memorial Site

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