Guildford Bridge improvement

The upstream path has been finished!

This is be a tiny step towards getting the PSP from Perth to Midland over the Swan river at reasonable cost.

We started to work on improving this uneven and splintered path in 2010, but there was resistance from the Heritage Council as the bridge was heritage listed. We eventually convinced them that much of the original structure had already been replaced by more modern materials for safety reasons, for instance the road portion had been concreted, and the railings changed from wood to steel. We argued it should be ok to resurface to make it safer for people on bicycles, the elderly and people on gopher cars. When we had secured their agreement, we had to convince MainRoadsWA, who were unsure if the bridge was structurally strong enough and had to be assessed.

In 2011 I had in my possession a “splinter” that had come off the upstream footpath. It measured about 50 cm long by 10 cm circumfence. When I gave it to Troy Buswell, he jokingly suggested that the damage caused by bicycles in that location was amazing….

I should have putĀ  a tracer into the splinter

Thanks to Colin Ward, who is enabling this change.

The letter from MainRoads is here

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