October 2012 update from MainRoadsWA and Bikewest

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CPAG agenda and MRWA notes Mon 29th October 2012



MRWA Standing Update:

? Guidelines for the use of Stop and Give Way Pavement Markers on PSPs

MRWA has prepared a draft guideline for the assessment of path intersections to determine whether Stop or Give Way pavement markers are required. The guideline has been ground truthed and changes to the document are being considered. Once approved the guideline will be made available on the MRWA website for use by others.

? Design Standards – Bicycle Lanes at Roundabouts

MRWA has been involved with an Austroads research project that will assess the effectiveness of on-road bicycle lanes at roundabouts in Australia and New Zealand. MRWA received a copy of the draft report and has provided comments back to Austroads.

? Guildford Road Bridge – path crossings

The surface improvement on the northern side of Guildford Road Bridge is complete. The wooden boards have been replaced with concrete to improve the level of service for pedestrians and cyclists.

? Luminous Pavement Markers

MRWA has trialled some luminous pavement markers on the section of path beside Tonkin Highway at a point immediately south of the underpass beneath Great Eastern Highway. Unfortunately the luminous pavement markers did not perform as well as expected.

? Standard Drawings – PSP treatments around pedestrians

MRWA has prepared and approved two new standard drawings for treatments to be used on PSPs at areas where there are high volumes of pedestrians and where pedestrians walk cross PSPs. The standard drawings are based on the treatment used on the PSP alignment through Claremont Station and at the approaches to the road crossings in Subiaco.

? Standard Drawings – “LOOK” message at pedestrian crossings

MRWA is preparing a new standard drawing and guidelines for the installation of “LOOK” pavement markers at pedestrian crossings.

? Radar sensor trial for pedestrian crossings

? “Share the Path” and “Share the Road” Pamphlets

? Bike to Work Breakfast Participation

? Installation of new traffic counters

? Austroads Report NT1523 – Guide information for pedestrian facilities

? William Street / Adelaide Street works – Freo

? Green bike lanes – East Parade


  • Green bike lanes – City of Perth
  • Road Safety Audit Course
  • Bike to work breakfast Earthwrap stickers
  • Elizabeth Quay Waterfront development – MRWA have been involved with design stage for the new waterfront development, including cycle and pedestrian interaction and motor traffic interaction. Potential for shared space area on new section of Riverside Drive to the north of new inlet.
  • Hillary’s Boat Ramp – MRWA helped DoT with issue as boats were put in and out of water and people walking behind vehicles. Solution found that did not create additional problems or inconvenience for pedestrians.
  • Leach Highway between Belmont Avenue and Miles Rd – developer of the old TNT depot site wrongly removed sealed shoulder southwest bound. MRWA have instructed the contractor to put the sealed shoulder back that helps cyclists along this section.
  • Wanneroo Road between Balcatta Road and Reid Hwy – grab rails to be moved or removed from crossing locations that cause an access problem especially for “gopher” users. MRWA working with City of Stirling.
  • Claremont Bay View Terrace – Town of Claremont have recently completed “shared space” improvements to Bay View Terrace. MRWA investigating suggestions to allow contra-flow cycling north bound towards railway station.
  • Mundaring, Great Eastern Highway – new pedestrian crossing facilities have been completed in town centre providing better and more formal place for people to cross. Includes ramp access.



  • Canning Road – Bicycle warning signs

There have been complaints from bicycle riders, car drivers and truck drivers using Canning Road about their interaction with each other. Car and truck drivers are reporting riders travelling two or three abreast on the road and have needed to take evasive action to avoid collisions. Bicycle riders are reporting near misses with both types of vehicles travelling along the road. MRWA investigated the possibility of installing bicycle warning signage in accordance with South Australian guidelines. However, a site inspection found that a significant issue was the impact of roadside vegetation on sightlines. MRWA worked with the Shire of Kalamunda to identify sections where vegetation could be cut back to improve the sightlines. The Shire of Kalamunda has undertaken the works. Warning signs are being looked to establish if needed and what benefits will be gained.

  • Great Eastern Highway: Kooyong Road to Tonkin Highway

Works are continuing on the upgrade of Great Eastern Highway. The new configuration will include bicycle lanes for the entire length of the project.

  • Roe Highway PSP: Intersection of Great Eastern Highway & Roe Highway

The intersection upgrade works are virtually complete. The works include a section of PSP alongside Roe Highway from the southern extent of the works to Morrison Road in the north. Shared paths have also be provided on both sides of Great Eastern Highway.

  • Reid Highway PSP: Alexander Drive and Mirrabooka Avenue Intersections

The PSP construction works between Mirrabooka Avenue and Camboon Road have been completed and the path is open.

  • Perth to Armadale PSP – Access to the river from Belmont Park Car Park

MRWA will be trialling the use of a large bollard to prevent vehicles from using the PSP to access the river bank beneath the Graham Farmer Freeway. It is envisaged that the larger bollard will be much more visible to riders and this will prevent collisions. A project charter has been completed and installation works are expected to commence in the near future.

  • Perth to Armadale PSP – Cannington Station Speed Reduction

A design for the speed reducing measures at Cannington Station has been finalised. Works have been ordered and will be completed in the near future.

  • Kwinana PSP – Edge works and future widening

MRWA has recently undertaken maintenance works on the shoulders of the Kwinana PSP between the Narrows and Thelma Street. The works were undertaken to strengthen the shoulders to prevent the edges being broken by service vehicles as they pull off the side of the path. The level of



the shoulders has been made flush with the path to enable them to be sealed in the future.

MRWA is has prepared a detailed design which builds on the maintenance works to provide a wider and straighter path in locations where this is possible. These works are likely to be undertaken at the same time as river wall improvements near the Mill Point Road on ramp. MRWA is currently seeking approvals from the appropriate authorities before finalising the design.

? Kwinana Freeway PSP – Cranford Avenue Grade Separation

A consultant has been engaged to undertake a concept design for the missing section of PSP between the southern end of Selway Road and Regent Avenue. The scope of the works will also include the upgrade of the existing PSP between Regent Avenue and Shirley Avenue. Works on the concept design are on-going.

? Kwinana Freeway PSP – Works resulting from widening south of Leach

There are a number of small improvements that will be undertaken as a component of the Kwinana Freeway widening project. The PSP alignment under Parry Avenue will be improved so that there are flatter gradients on the approaches and improved sightlines. The sections of missing PSP alongside London Way and Scandrett Way have also been designed. In addition, there will be a realignment of the PSP which will involve the replacement of the underpass beneath the northbound on-ramp from South Street and a realignment past Murdoch Station. CPAG members were invited to comment on the proposed designs and their comments have been noted.

? Kwinana Freeway PSP – Linemarking improvements

An assessment of existing linemarking has been undertaken on the Kwinana PSP. Sections with no centrelines and sections that need to be upgraded from dashed to solid centrelines have been identified. Designs were undertaken and submitted to the linemarking contractors. The linemarking is now complete.

? Perth to Fremantle PSP – Market Street to Wellington Street

MRWA has completed a design for the replacement section of PSP alongside the Arena from Market Street to Wellington Street. DoT has provided funding for the works from Perth Parking Management Area (PPMA) sources. MRWA expect that the works will be completed by the end of the 2012/13 financial year.

? Perth to Fremantle PSP – City West Slow Points

A serious crash at City West Station between two riders occurred in May 2011. The crash occurred on a section of path controlled by the City of Perth. The original designs have been amended to include improvements



to the section of path between the slow points and fix a drainage problem in the area. Works are likely to commence in the near future.

  • Perth to Fremantle PSP – Nash Street Intersection

Initial investigations into the realignment of the PSP to improve sightlines near Nash Street have been undertaken. A project charter is underway and, once completed, will be put forward as an improvement project.

  • Perth to Fremantle PSP: Shenton Park Station to Loch St Station

The City of Nedlands awarded the contract for a detailed design to Shawmac. The design works have progressed and a detailed design is nearing completion. MRWA has provided survey information and advice on PSP design requirements throughout the process. Detailed underground service location works and the approvals process for the alignment are currently underway.

  • Perth to Fremantle PSP: Grant Street Station to Jarrad Street, Cottesloe

MRWA is in the process of preparing a concept design for this missing section of PSP. A survey of the area has been completed.

  • Perth to Fremantle PSP: Jarrad Street, Cottesloe to Beehive Montessori

MRWA is in the process of preparing a concept design for this missing section of PSP. A survey of the area has been ordered.

  • Perth to Midland PSP – Drainage Improvements

The City of Bayswater has reported that stormwater from the PSP between Mt Lawley Station and Second Avenue is contributing to flooding at the intersection of Whatley Crescent and First Avenue. A project charter to improve the drainage in the area is being prepared and will be forwarded to the Metropolitan Region as a minor improvement project.

  • Perth to Midland PSP – Retaining Wall

A project charter is being prepared to install a retaining wall to prevent sand from washing down a steep embankment onto the PSP between Maylands Station and Third Avenue. The document will be forwarded to the Metropolitan Region as a minor improvement project once completed.

  • Perth to Midland PSP: Tonkin Highway to Bassendean Station

The path construction has been completed. The path was opened during June 2012.

  • Perth to Midland PSP – Bassendean Station to Lord Street

A concept design for the section of PSP between Bassendean Station and Lord Street is nearing completion. The alignment is on the northern side of the railway and will temporarily connect in with the existing bridge over the railway at Lord Street. Underground service information has been obtained



and MRWA is awaiting relevant approvals to proceed through to detailed design.

  • Perth to Midland PSP – Lord Street Grade Separation

A consultant has been engaged to prepare a detailed design for a grade separated path beneath the Lord Street Bridge in Bassendean. The works will include modifications to the existing northern bridge abutment and significant retaining structures. Once constructed this structure will allow bicycle riders and pedestrians an alternative to crossing a very busy section of road. A concept plan has been completed and MRWA are awaiting approvals before continuing with the detailed design.

  • Perth to Midland PSP – Guildford Station to Midland Station

The City of Swan has engaged a consultant through a tender process to update the existing 85% design to the latest requirements. MRWA will continue to provide technical advice to the consultant as the project progresses.

  • Perth to Midland PSP – Station Upgrades

PTA is in the process of designing several station upgrades along the Midland Line including Bayswater, Ashfield and Guildford. MRWA is providing advice into the integration of the PSP through the station precinct for each station.

  • Mitchell PSP – Glendalough to Hutton Street Design

MRWA are progressing with the design of the PSP between Glendalough Station and Hutton Street. A concept plan is nearing completion but some issues must be resolved and approvals obtained before the progressing to the detailed design stage.

  • Mitchell PSP – Karrinyup Road Grade Separation Design

A concept design for an underpass structure on the west side of the Mitchell Freeway beneath Karrinyup Road has been completed. A concept design for a bridge structure was also considered. However, both structures are considered to be problematic and will not progress. DoT has directed MRWA to prepare a concept for an underpass on the eastern side of the Mitchell Freeway instead and to prepare concepts for PSP links from Civic Place to Erindale Road. Design work is underway.

  • Mitchell PSP – Gribble Road

The southern access to Gribble Road from the PSP will be changed. Reports were received that bicycle riders were riding out in front of vehicles when crossing the road to head north and sightlines were poor. A signage solution was proposed by MRWA. However, the City of Stirling has proposed fencing off the existing connection point and utilising an alternative existing connection point to the south instead. MRWA supports



the City of Stirling proposal and is awaiting their action to install the fencing.

? Mitchell PSP – Erindale Road to Reid Highway

MRWA is in the process of preparing a concept design for this missing section of PSP. A survey of the area has been completed and an initial concept plan has been prepared. The initial alignment has been checked and further modifications to the alignment are underway to improve the vertical profile and minimise the need to remove trees.

? Mitchell PSP – Mount Street Intersection

The existing path link connection from the Mitchell PSP to Mount Street will be closed due to building works on a block abutting the freeway reserve. An alternative path connection will be constructed for the duration of the works. In addition, the existing railing was identified as a potential hazard and was replaced with a higher railing to prevent riders being thrown over it in the case of an accident.







The draft WABN Plan was released in March 2012 for public comment and over 500 responses were received. These are currently being incorporated into the rewrite of the final plan, expected to be finalised December 2012.

Principal Shared Path (PSP) Projects

Several necessary PSP projects are progressing across the network:

  • Perth to Fremantle PSP Shenton to Loch: The detailed design has been completed and construct expected to commence early 2013.
  • Perth to Fremantle PSP Grant Street to Montessori School: A concept is being prepared and is expected soon.
  • Perth to Midland PSP Bassendean to Success Hill (Lord Street underpass): 15% design has been completed and has been endorsed by all stakeholders. It is currently being progressed to 85% design.
  • Perth to Midland PSP Guildford to Midland: The design review has been completed and has to be endorsed by all stakeholders. Construction expected 2013.
  • Kwinana Freeway PSP South Street to Leach Highway: Works are being undertaken to complete the missing links adjacent to London Way and Scandrett Way. Construction is scheduled for completion in early 2013.
  • Kwinana Freeway PSP Cranford Avenue underpass: Concept design has been prepared and alignment chosen. 15% design currently being prepared, scheduled for completion in early 2013.
  • Kwinana Freeway PSP Mill Point Road to Thelma Street: See Main Roads notes for more details.
  • Mitchell Freeway PSP Erindale Road to Balcatta Road: 15% design currently being prepared, scheduled for completion. See Main Roads notes for more details.

Perth Bicycle Network (PBN) Local Government Grants

2012-2013 projects are currently being implemented, and need to be completed and acquitted by May 2013.

Applications for the $2m 2013-14 program close 26 October.

Regional Bicycle Network (RBN) Local Government Grants

2012-2013 projects are currently being implemented, and need to be completed and acquitted by May 2013.

Applications for the $2m 2013-14 program close 26 October.


PBN Monitoring

The 2012 PBN Monitoring report has been completed and released, indicating significant growth around the network. A fixed counter and monitoring strategy to 2021 will be developed as part of the WABN Plan.

Contact; Craig Mansfield 6551 6040 craig.mansfield@transport.wa.gov.au

2. CYCLING DEVELOPMENT Cycle Instead in Spring.

Cycle Instead in Spring is an annual campaign that encourages Western Australians to be more active by:

?     Riding to work, local shops and cafes

?     Enjoying an inspiring and scenic bicycle route.

The key program is the Cycle Instead Bike to Work Challenge 2012 held over six weeks, from 10 September to 21 October. This friendly, workplace competition culminated with BWA’s National Ride2Work Day on 17 October. Approximately 2,500 commuters attended this event on the forecourt of the concert hall on St Georges Tce.

Contact; Jana 6551 6157 Jana.zivadinovic@transport.wa.gov.au

Progress on Power Assisted Pedal Cycles (PAPCs) issues.

The Australian Design Rules (ADRs) have been changed to allow a power limit of 250W. The states and territories will now have to change their relevant Acts to align with the ADRs and allow 250W bikes to legally be ridden in their areas. Victoria has recently changed their Act and WA plans to follow in 2013.

Bikewest has changed the regulation to exempt PAPCs from the definition of a vehicle so as to allow them to be ridden on shared paths with the power engaged.

Contact; Russell Greig on 6551 6159 or russell.greig@transport.wa.gov.au  E-communications/Website development

? Bikewest continues to expand its website with the addition of FAQs, new fact sheets and cycling traffic counts from PSPs around the metropolitan area.

? The website has been re-modelled as an active transport site and is easier to navigate.

? The Cycle Instead cycling promotion television commercials produced years ago can now be seen on via a link on the DoT site to You Tube.


CPAG MAIN ROADS Western Australia RG BIKEWEST UPDATE – October 2012

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All Bikewest publications are being reviewed to reflect regulatory changes and the new street address of the DoT.

3.          PEDESTRIANS

DOT Planning and Designing for pedestrian guidelines

The DOT Walking Unit launched the ‘Planning and designing for pedestrian guidelines’ in December 2011. The comprehensive set of guidelines incorporate current standards and guidelines for all pedestrian planning and design from MRWA, Austroads and Australian Standards. The main objective of the Guidelines is to increase the skills, knowledge and capacity amongst planning, engineering, planners and other relevant professionals through WA, in the planning, design, construction and maintenance of pedestrian facilities on the road network.

The DOT will be conducting the first regional training session in for the Shires in the SW in early November.

A copy of the Guidelines is available for download at http://www.transport.wa.gov.au/walking/24038.asp

DOT Walkability Audit Tool

The walkability audit tool was developed by DOT in 2011 for use by LGAs, consultants and community groups to identify issues and develop appropriate measures to improve pedestrian safety, accessibility and amenity for Council’s approval.

The Tool has been very well received and to date, more than 50 professionals have been trained in the use of the Tool.

The DOT is currently working with ARUP to progress the Tool in a digital form to increase its efficiency and effectiveness and the launch will be in early December.

Walk Over October campaign

The Walk Over October campaign attracted 48 community walking events; 33 workplace lunch time events and more than 180 schools for the Walk to school day. The DOT’s online walking challenge have 1840 participants (460 teams) from various workplaces in WA. There were a range of media articles of walking activities in the past few weeks.

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