Arena/Wellington Street debacle

I won’t revisit the planning stupidity of rerouting an increasingly busy cycle path with no road crossings, so that it now requires cyclists to cross three freeway access ramps.  In fact given the row of orange bollards installed along the section of Wellington Street in front of the Arena which allowed the two way passage of cyclists (and pedestrians), I was almost inclined to forgive.

I should have known better.  With the gradual completion of the Arena forecourt the contractors have moved the temporary fence about 2 metres back from the road edge, and removed the bollards from the road returning it to three lanes of traffic.  This looks quite reasonable until you actually check the forecourt surface, and surprise, surprise not only does it appear that the chosen paving will be slickly lethal for cyclists when wet, but every 20 or so metres, there is a wheel bending tree grate just waiting for the tree to be installed.  When you also take into account pedestrians wandering (in amazement?) in front of the Arena, it is obvious that the forecourt is totally unsuitable as a cycleway.

I notice that east bound cyclists are already returning to Wellington Street as it is clearly the safer route even without the protective bollards, however west bound cyclists do not have this option and must continue to use the dangerous Arena forecourt.

The bollard removal from Wellington Street is another negative outcome for cyclists, so it would appear that all the recent pro-cycling presentations from Government, the PCC et al are just the usual spin.

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