Bassendean PSP segment increased cycling numbers by 20%

Just had a look at the Bassendean PSP numbers, based on the data from DoT

DoT have claimed an increase of 61% at Tonkin Highway since the new segment has been opened. That is correct in the narrowest sense (comparing June 12 to July 12). Remember that during May/June construction of the PSP was in progress, and access to the Tonking segment of the PSP was more difficult.

If you look at the average % of the total PSP measurements of January to March, and then July to Sept, the  % increase is about 20%. (That is a confusing sentence, sorry, what I mean is that the counter at Tonkin Highway accounted for an average of 3.32% of all trips  for Jan to March 12, and in the last three months it accounted for 3.98% of all trips.)

More infrastructre means more people cycling safely, but we should use the numbers responsibly. I am happy with a 20% increase, and I am worried that DoT informed the office of the Minister of Transport of a 61% increase.


The Bassendean section of the PSP Perth – Midland got opened  by Donna Faragher and Heinrich Benz (sort of). This is the first piece of infrastructure opened since Troy Buswell has become Minister of Transport, yet the responsible departments did not manage to make the opening into a significant event. Modesty or just not savy?

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