3rd Cycling Safety Forum on the 3rd November 2012

Date – Saturday 3 November 2012

Time – 9am till 12noon

Venue – RAC, 832 Wellington Street, West Perth

Please RSVP by return email to Marianne.Carey@rac.com.au

At this facilitated event there will be presentations from three eminent researches in the field of vulnerable road user safety:

–          Professor Narelle Haworth – CARRSQ, Queensland University of Technology

–          Dr Jennie Oxley – Monash University

–          Dr Marilyn Johnson – Institute of Transport Studies at Monash and the Amy Gillett Foundation


Background to the 3rd Cycling Safety Forum


What is the OLA process?

OLA is an acronym that stands for Objective data, List of solutions and Addressed action plans and entails systematic collaboration between different organisations, companies and authorities that have been designated as the designers of the road transport system.

The OLA process acknowledges that not all partners are in a position to influence all of a safe system, but by understanding the opportunities, sharing in the responsibility and taking proactive action for road safety they can all contribute to making the road network safer.

First forum

14th of May 2011. Burswood, 66 participants.

Presentations were focused of the latest research and safety issues affecting cyclists, showing the current reality for people riding bicycles for recreation, competition, fitness and transport. The presentations were discussed and workshopped by all the participants, and this resulted in a list of issues that formed the basis of the 2nd forum.

2nd Forum

27th of August 2011. Frazer in Kings Park, 46 participants

Presentations were focused on safe road or path usage, as well exploring solutions that have been successfully adopted in other countries. Based on the issues identified in the first forum and the information from the presentations ways to improve cycling safety and participation were discussed by the workshop participants and documented.

Subsequently …

a small subgroup of people from the Vulnerable Road User Action Group wrestled the long list of possible improvements into action items that could be actioned by the various agencies involved, and through the Road Safety Council an agreement in principle to examine the issues raised was obtained. Because the funding for the cycling safety forums comes from the Road Trauma Trust Fund, suggestions that were not safety related were “parked” for the time being.

It is this list of actions that form the bases of the third Cycling Safety Forum. The Government Agencies that have been identified as being part of the solution have been invited to receive the suggestions, and their departments have committed that they will look at them and report back to the Vulnerable Road User Action Group with comments, actions and outcomes.




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