City of Perth – shared path maintenance – are we heading in the right direction?

Around 14th March 2012, signs went up warning us that the shared path near The Narrows was about to be repaired:

Warning Sign2

March 2012 – Warning Sign

March 2012 – Warning Sign

October 2011 – Warning Sign

Though there was a week’s notice, why did it have to be in the middle of Bike Week and exactly where is the closure?  Nothing was available on the City of Perth’s website either.  Back in October 2011, similar sign was installed.

The October 2011 closure was for the ‘shared path’ which runs west of the lake, near Mounts Bay Road, which is not used very often by cyclists.  The signs installed in October 2011 and March 2012 are around 10 meters apart, which may explain why City of Perth received some verbal complaints relating to this closure.

As part of Shared Path Bike Hike, this section of the shared path was captured two days prior to the maintenance occurring.

The largest issues with this section being:

Poor corner with high volume of cycling numbers, no turning lanes

Poor previous repair work causing several bumps

Tree root causing bump

Tight turn after exiting tunnel, high concrete curbs on left

Tight turn prior to tunnel and poor previous maintenance works

Bad layout with several tight bends and poor previous maintenance works

Let’s have a look after the maintenance was completed.

Four months after the repairs were undertaken, what is the condition of the path like now?

Tree root area – crack is back

Grass growing on shared path

None of the structural issues were addressed including poor line of sight or turning lanes

This is just one section of the shared path running around the City of Perth.  It is one of the busiest sections of the PSP (based on Department of Transport’s figures):

We need more than maintenance on sections of the PSP.  Where is the vision for these busy sections which need to include turning lanes to support the current number of cyclists, as well as doubling numbers based on National Cycling Strategy.  Appreciate that part of this PSP is Main Roads, but prior to maintenance occurring, consideration is required to address all known issues, not just the cracks.  If you haven’t responded to City of Perth’s Draft Cycle Plan, please do.  Responses close 10th August 2012.

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