Attorney supports legalised 3-feet passing distance

The argument car peak bodies raise agains a one meter legalised passing distance in Australia is based on the concern that it is hard to administer.

It is then intereresting to hear the argument of an American personal injury lawer. In front of the committee that examines a bill legalising 3-feet as the minimum passing distance he suggests:

“It has been our experience that drivers don’t know how to pass bicyclists safely because existing state law is vague and subjective. Drivers’ views vary greatly on what they define as a safe distance between their car and the bicyclist”


The bill passed by a vote of 10-3, and if signed, will help California join the 21 other states that specify a minimum clearance that drivers must give bicyclists when passing.


Read the full article here : 3 feet legalised passing distance in California


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