What are the promises for the 2013 State Election

The date for the 2013 WA State Election is 9 March 2013.  That is over 9 months away, but the election promises have started to come in.

The West today provided information relating to a pledge to build a $45m train station at Atwell, if the party was elected.  Hope this includes bike storage as well for those who want to ride to the station.

In 2008, in conjunction with Bicycle Network, Cycling WA; we contacted the then Premier of WA, and the then Leader of the Opposition requesting information to their parties views on cycling and to reenforce the benefits of cycling including positive social, economic and environmental effects.   Pledges back included:

  • New bike facilities at transport hubs – there have been some issues with these I know, but they have been provided.
  • Commission a review of Perth Bicycle Network Plan – finally came out earlier this year, which we provided a response back to.

Additional 2008 pledges located here.

Cycle storage at a train station – image from PTA

So given that the promises have started, what pledges have been made for cyclists for the 203 State Elections?  If you are aware of any, let us know.  Use the comments section below to let us know what pledge has been made, include the source of the pledge.

You also should consider contacting your local Members of Parliament soon.  Everything helps to keep the subject of cycling at the top of their thoughts, and to get their views on cycling.

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