Additional responses to WA Bike Network Plan

Public responses to the WA Bike Network Plan (WABNP) closed on the week-end.

As a daily cycling commuter, riding from Duncraig to Perth, I use the Mitchell Freeway PSP, as this is my direct route.  However, with years of under-maintenance, this is not the most pleasant of trips due to the number of crossings and cracks that are now on this route.

2010 – when some maintenance occurred on this section

My personal response is located here.  I tried to provide examples of items that needed to be corrected in the WABPN.  I would also like to see more non-PSP infrastructure provided to support local cycling connections to schools and shops, as well as to allow connections to major cycling routes.  I gave the example of the Mitchell Freeway expansion which is expected to cost $57M to support additional traffic of 14,500 vehicles per day.  There are around 16,000 cyclists riding into the CBD, and with strategies like the National Cycling Strategy to double that number by 2016, similar volume of funding is required to support the WABPN.

I was also pleased to see that my council, City of Joondalup, also provided a response to the WABPN.  The City of Joondalup had several points, in particular, that areas outside the 15km radius of the Perth CBD were not fully covered.

Of course there is BTA’s response as well.

If you are aware of other public responses, let us know.

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I returned to cycling around 5 years ago, when I decided to start commuting by bike to work. I'm now cycling around 13,500km's annually, and love it.