City of Perth Cycle Plan

The City of Perth Cycle Plan can be downloaded here.


Overall it is a good plan, but it will need more than $2.5 mio over five year to make it fly. Fortunately funding is a flexible beast.

Some Comments


Page Topic Observations
2 Cost of congestion $2 Billion A good comment, perhaps the parking levy can be spent in a way that directly benefits people on bicycles, public transport and pedestrians
  Focus on residents and women Some of the focus on the very local traffic generated by city residents cycling is good. Many of these people will be inexperienced, and will need a safe cycling environment
4 Actions Infrastructure needs are addressed both for the local and the faster commuters.
9/10 Classifications Allowing cycling in pedestrian priority zones at low speed will increase permeability of the city.

Integrated cycling routes will need to run at 30 kmh to be safe for people riding bicycles.

Cycle lanes will need raised edge markings as trialled in New Zealand to make them safe.

11/12 Maps Nearly every street in the CBD is designated for some sort of cycling access – dropping the speed in this area to 30kmh would reduce confusion and make the CBD more pleasant
14 Promotion People will cycle if they think it is safe, but providing additional encouragement will help, especially for the less experienced. I can see a Ciclovia event coming up at the end of the Freeway Bike Hike in 2014!!!
18 Funding About $2.5mio over the next five years is good seed money, especially if it is used to leverage additional funding from the State and Federal Government and the Perth Parking Levy.
20 Monitoring An implementation committee that includes CoPerth, MainRoadsWA, DoT and Bicycle Organisations might be a useful way to monitor progress and fine-tune the projects.
21 Future Activities Bike Hire Scheme – better make cycling safe first

End of Trip Hub – lends itself to a joint project with the State Government, as per their WABN.

23 Public Comments The City of Perth is often organising Public Feedback Events – doing one for the discussion of this plan would be good.


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