Response to Perth Waterfront Design Guidelines

We have provided a detailed  submission BTA Response to Perth Waterfront – Design Guidelines


The main points:

1. Agreement is required now on what the proposed cycle routes will have in relation to cycling infrastructure, prior to any development occurring. As demonstrated above, different state and local governments can influence the decision process and prevent the cycle infrastructure from occurring.

2. The BTA needs to re-iterate that this bridge must be used by cyclists and pedestrians as per Metropolitan Region Scheme Amendment 1203/41 “Perth Waterfront”, and does not support the opening of the bridge during peak use.
The MRA needs to ensure that when they refer to the bridge, it is not referred to as a ‘pedestrian bridge’ as it will be used by both cyclists and pedestrians.

3.  – Section 4.2 Bicycle Parking (page 43)
The BTA supports MRA for including bicycle parking in the design guidelines.
However, the proposed bicycle storage for 10% of building staff may be too low, given the current number of cyclists riding into the Perth CBD, and the expected increase in cycle numbers due to the National Cycling Strategy
Based on the first survey undertaken by the National Cycling Strategy for Western Australia 19% of participants commuted by bicycle in the last 7 days. Double this number by 2016 (38%) and the 10% of bicycle parking is too low.

4. As there will be several interruptions for the Perth Waterfront project as well, advertised alternative routes need to be made available several weeks before closures of existing routes occur.

5. Improvement of shared path access to Perth Waterfront.  As significant development is occurring putting in temporary lanes to support motorists on Riverside Drive, in front of the Perth Convention Centre, the shared path should also be considered upgrading. The shared path will still be the main route into the project for cyclists, but the condition of the shared path is in poor condition as well as it is over utilised by cyclists and pedestrians.


Link the Perth Waterfront Design Guidelines below:


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