Principal Shared Path Maintenance – is enough being done?

Like any road, a shared path does require regular maintenance.    The history of maintenance of two sections of the principal shared path, which one section follows the Mitchell Freeway – Perth, are shown below.

Just north of Karrinyup Rd – Mitchell Freeway principal shared path

Maintenance occurred –  January 2010

June 2008

January 2010 - Section being cut-out

May 2011

April 2012

As the images show, this section was poor back in June 2008, maintenance undertaken by Main Roads WA in January 2010 where that section, plus several others, were cut-out.  However, not all cracks were repaired and the cracks have since reappeared and this section of the principal shared path continues to get worst.

This section has been reported to Main Roads WA several times with reports including the condition of the shared path, overhanging branches and lack of overhead lights on the shared path.  This area was also high-lighted in the 2012 Shared Path Bike Hike where additional information on the conditions of the shared paths is available.

Near Britannia Road Reserve – Mitchell Freeway principal shared path

Maintenance occurred –  May 2011

May 2011

The above image was taken just after the maintenance had occurred.  Note the crack in the shared path, just in front of the bike wheel, which for some reason was not replaced when the section on the lower area of the photograph was repaired.

The below YouTube video shows both of these areas today:

Is enough being done to maintain the shared path in Perth?  Have you got similar areas of poor maintenance and if so, are you reporting these to Main Roads WA?  Were are they?

The WA Bike Network Plan does not provide funding for maintenance.  Given that there are sections of the principal shared path which are not being maintained correctly, where will the funds come from to repair these sections?

Please take some time to provide feedback to the WA Bike Network Plan.

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