WA Bike Network Plan – Presentations, Comments and the BTA Feedback

        The draft BTA feedback can be found on this link: WA Bike Network Plan May 2012 […]





The draft BTA feedback can be found on this link: WA Bike Network Plan May 2012 – Feedback – 2

Below is the material that relates to the public feedback session, including the WABN presentations by MainRoadsWA, and the comments made by the public during the course of the day.

WA Bike Network Presentation in three parts: part 1, part 2, part 3

Smart Roads Presentation

Smart Roads Brochure

Feedback and comments made during the session


Below are some of the topics you might want to consider in your submission

Topic Comments, concerns and suggestions
The big picture

  • harmonising the PSP network with Directions  2031
  • Funding and proposed tasks, the costing of the plan
  • Measures of success and economic justification


–          WABN is CBD centric-           Tangible projects, detailed and costed (similar to 1996 plan?)-          Connections Stirling – Morley – Midland as PSP?-          PSP projects and cycling only routes (eg City West, Narrows to Mt.Henry) is there a need for cycle only facilities-          Knowledge arch – Charlie Gardner UWA major sub-centres for cycling, also Murdoch, Curtin-          New major project – Burswood Stadium –access and  bike parking-           the staging and that pesky little detail that the Fremantle section will finish at the Montessori school “because of the renewal of the Fremantle bridge”-          Causeway cycling improvements?-          The priority of the PSP projects (which is not in the WABN, but only in the presentation) – are these the correct priorities?-          Proven economic benefits will facilitate funding (should this be expanded? Is there enough in the WABN to convince politicians and make the money flow–          Have real KPI’s, numbers that indicate success. National strategy is to double cycling in five years. Deal with one set of numbers only…

The suburbs


  • connecting to schools, trains and shops
–          The plan is very short on details about what should achieved, and how it will be done, and how it will be funded.-          Calming roads in the suburbs in a way that bike riders are not disadvantaged – this might fit in with Local Gov implementation groups.-          Pick a few Local Govs as pilots, include schools but go beyond.-          The pilots for access to trains and schools and shops should be combined.-          The WABN is an infrastructure plan – then why does it recommend behaviour change programs in schools as a “main aim”?-          Local governments often do shared paths in concrete – not good for cyclists (influence via grants)-          What would be the best suburbs for the pilot projects?
ImplementationWorking groups and committees –          is that the best way to go? Might be better to have a single body in charge of the implementation, which can form subgroups as required-          Implementation group or subgroup also responsible for Local Gov Grant approvals to ensure fit to overall strategy-          Role of CPAG (Mainroads)
Best practice for cycling infrastructure –          What works elsewhere?-          Flip parking and cycle lanes?-          White lines on 100km roads?
Connection between Public Transport and cycling –          Bikes on buses and trains-          Shelters – can only register in one…..-          Important to “feed” train stations
Journey Planner –          Is it needed, and is it the best possible use of resources? (Ride the City:Perth does some of the planned activities already, for free)
What needs to be explicitly shown in the WABN –          The presentations at the various launches indicated projects beyond what is written into the WABN plan. To give the public assurance that the plan will achieve its aims these projects should be written into the plan.
How can the WABN help the CBD access


Some of the political reactions are below:

The reaction of Ken Travers, Shadow Minister for Transport, has been swift and to the point: Bike plan needs funding to get moving

The Greens, Lyn McLaren, says:  (Full comment here)

“The Perth Bicycle Network needs to properly connect with the activity centres identified in Directions 2031. It needs to align to schools, shops and train stations.”

“Half of all car trips taken in Perth cover short distances of less than 5km (2). These are trips that could easily be made by bicycle, but the Government needs to make roads safe for cyclists.”

I could not say this better myself…..

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