2011-2012 Perth Bicycle Network Local Government Grants

Department of Transport provides an annual grant to local government to build on the Perth Bicycle Network. For 2010-2011, the grant money was once again $1m.

2011-12 DoT Cycling Local Government Grants

I recently created a Google Map DoT Local Government Grants 2011/2012 which shows approximately where these grants are. We need your help to track if these projects have been completed.

Check out the Google Map and let us know if you have seen the projects in your area and report back if they have finished.

There are also links to NearMaps of the locations of these projects, so that you can zoom into monthly aerials of the locations.

About Roland

I returned to cycling around 5 years ago, when I decided to start commuting by bike to work. I'm now cycling around 13,500km's annually, and love it.