Narrows Bridge path rebuilt

Work on the Narrows Bridge cycle path was in the last stages, contractor Mark Hannaford said as he measured the path for line marking.

The rebuilding work between the lake and the Mounts Bay Road freeway exit entailed removing all the damage from tree roots and other bits and pieces and laying down new asphalt, Mr Hannaford, from J&M Asphalt, said.

The line marking was due to be finished next week.

The great majority of cyclists were fantastic about the path being closed — polite and thanking the people doing the renovation work.

However, about 10 per cent were abusive when the path was closed while the asphalt equipment and other machines were being used and had ridden through while the machines were operating even though there were signs saying that the path was closed.

Signs had been up for about a week before the path was closed, he said.

There were a couple of times when the abuse nearly got physical, he said.

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