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As a rate payer & cyclist I’d like to enquire about the City of Vincent’s plans to up-grade cycling routes.  I commute to work on my bike via London/Loftus & Thomas Streets.  I’ve been knocked off my bike twice on this route due to car driver error, both times requiring medical attention at my own GP & after hours GP services, and sick leave from work (a government employer), thus costing the taxpayer money.  Other more serious bike accidents cost the taxpayer hundreds of thousands of dollars with the involvement of ICU’s, coroner’s courts, police time, rehabilitation, loss of employment etc.  My question therefore is, would it not be more cost effective to widen the small stretches of road (London/Loftus) in the City of Vincent that does not have the dedicated white line marked for cyclists. Also despite the fact I take one straight major road to work, there is no public transport facility that goes directly down this road. This alone strengthens my case for better cycling infrastructure.  Also it is chiefly for health reasons I cycle & know many more people that would cycle this route but are currently fearful of riding so close to cars.

I also own & drive a car & realise no matter how good the cycleways are some accidents will still occur but surely we should reduce the risk of this occurring to a minimum.

Thank you for your attention to my concerns.

(signed by writer of the letter)

Dear (name)

Thanks for your email. There are no current plans to install cycle lanes on the roads you have mentioned.

The City does however have a Local Bicycle network Plan which links into the Perth Bicycle network.

Please refer to the link below where you will find the plan ‘Cycling Paths in the City of Vincent’

I trust this information will be of assistance

Kind regards


Rick Lotznicker I Director Technical Services

CITY  OF VINCENT  I Administration  and  Civic  Centre

244  Vincent Street,  Leederville


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