Over 1100 visitors per week on the website

Last week we had over 1100 people on our website, and reached over 900 people with Facebook. Over 100 people get regular updates from the website via Feedburner, and about 300 families get our regular newsletters (if you are not one of them we might not have your email in our membership database).  I remember talking about 400 visits on the website at the last AGM, and being quite happy about it.

An easy way to share your interest in cycling to work, schools, shops and train stations is to “Like” the BTA on the Facebook page,  or like individual posts, or send them to our website. Some might even want to become members as a tangible sign of their interest in a mode of transport that is healthy for the individual and the society and that is non-polluting, inexpensive and FUN.

Join us tonight at our AGM (which is more like a social gathering with a small “serious” part), or visit us Saturday for video clips and coffee. Bring your friends along.

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