Recall of Argon and Felt bikes

RECALLS  2012-03-19



The Argon carbon-fibre time-trial/triathlon Argon 18 E-118 2012 model has been recalled because the handlebars could suddenly rotate, causing the rider to lose control of the bicycle be injured in a crash, the ACCC said in its recall bulletin on its website.

It said the stem spacer fitted to this model may not produce sufficient tension to securely fasten the handlebar to the stem and in certain circumstances may allow the handlebar to rotate.

The machines were sold from October 1 last year to 29th of February this year.

The ACCC said riders should not ride the bike and should take it to their nearest authorised dealer for modification.  They could contact FRF on (02) 9559 9000 or email to arrange for the repair to be done.

Felt bikes


Felt has recalled its MY10 B12 and S32 Triathlon and Time Trial Bicycle Forks because they can break off the bike and cause a crash.

The forks affected have serial numbers within the ranges of:
A05081—05100 , A05121—05140 , A05161—05180
A05221—05231 , A05241—05300 , A08451—08470
A08916—08927 , A20021—20128 , A20161—20200
A20261—20420 , A20441—20480 , A20501—20557
A20561—20577 , A20581—20669 , A20673—20675
A20681—20692 , A20698—20740 , A20771—20830
A20839—21060 , A21081—21180 , A21201—A21280
A21321—A21440 , A21481—A21500 , A21521—A21540
A21561—A21580 , A21601—A21640 ,A21648—A21660
A21681—A21700 , A21721—A21760 , A21781—A21838
A21881—A21900 , A21921—A21960 , A22061—A22111
A22115—A22140 , A22161—A22180 , A22264—A22267
A22281—A22340 , A22361—A22380 , A22501—A22523

The forks may crack at the steerer and become detached from the handlebars and bicycle, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission said in a recall notice on its website.

The agent in Australia was Southcott Pty Ltd.

Consumers should return the bike to the place of purchase or contact Nic Eagle at Southcott on 1800 805 024 or (03) 9580 7388.  Southcott’s website was

Fuji ladies


Fuji has recalled its Saratoga Ladies Bike because the frame can break.

The bikes affected are the Fuji Saratoga 2.0 and 3.0 Step-Through Bicycle (2009 model) and Fuji Saratoga 1.0 and 2.0 Step-Through Bicycle (2010 model) with serial numbers beginning with the date/manufacturer codes ICFJ8, ICFJ9 or ICFJ10 — printed on the bottom of the bicycle frame near the pedal crank.

Owners should stop riding the defective bikes immediately, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission said in a statement.

They were sold in WA from 12 September 2008 to 9 April 2010 by various retailers.

A defect in the frame could cause it to fracture and break in two at the midpoint of the down tube near the reinforcement gusset, which may result in a fall and serious injury to the rider.

The importer was Oceania Bicycles Pty Ltd.

Customers should return a recalled bike to the place of purchase or the nearest Fuji dealer to have the frame and fork inspected and replaced if necessary.

For further information, consumers can contact Oceania Bicycles on (03) 9799 4144 between 9am – 5pm EST, Monday to Friday, or visit for the contact details of their nearest Fuji dealer.

Giant kids

Giant has recalled its juvenile bicycle models from 2010, 2011 and 2012 to put on a warning sticker required by law.

The ACCC said the models affected were the 2010 Animator 16″ Boys, 2010 Holly 16″ Girls, 2011 Animator 16″ Boys, 2011 Holly 16″ Girls, 2011 Moda 20″ Boys, 2012 Animator 16″ Boys, 2012 Holly 16″ Girls and the 2012 Moda 20″ Boys.

Bicycles affected were not fitted with a precautionary “Warning” decal as required in the Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1927:1998, it said.  This recall applied only to bicycles sold in Australia.

Because the warning sticker was missing, a rider therefore may not be fully aware that the bicycle should not be ridden off-road and may have an accident, the AC CC said.

Consumers were asked to return the bicycle to the place of  purchase or any authorised Giant Bicycle retailer to have the decal fitted.

Campagnola brake cables can break

Gore has recalled its special Campagnolo brake cables because the end could break off causing a brake failure.

It was possible for the termination end of the cable to detach from the brake cable itself, the ACCC said.

The Shimano/SRAM termination end was not affected, ACCC said on its website

The company said on its website that the problem had been identified at its supplier.

The recalled Low Friction Brake Bicycle Kits (Black Kit and White Kit) had the codes ROPRBREA-B; ROPRBREAW; ROPRBRCA-B and ROPRBRCA-W.  They were sold nationally from February 6 last year to February 6 this year.

Consumers should immediately stop use of the affected brake cables. They should take their bike to the place of purchase so a replacement inner cable could be fitted.

The Supplier’s website was Click on the Recall tab.

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