Mitchell Fway PSP – Gribble Road

From the latest update from MainRoads, access to Gribble Rd is about to be modified:

The southern access to Gribble Road from the PSP will be changed. Reports were received that bicycle riders were riding out in front of vehicles when crossing the road to head north and sight-lines were poor. A signage solution was proposed by MRWA. However, the City of Stirling has proposed fencing off the existing connection point and utilising an alternative existing connection point to the south instead. MRWA supports the City of Stirling proposal.

This is disappointing as back in July 2008, I wrote to City of Stirling, Main Roads, BikeWest and several others which included a DVD showing several issues with the PSP including Gribble Rd:

I have followed up several times since 2008 due to the number of issues in the area including cars exiting from side streets, major construction vehicles on Gribble Rd and both the upper and lower access from the PSP onto Gribble Rd due to poor sight lines.  I have also been a cyclist who narrowly missed being hit by a car twice on this road, on one occasion taking some bark off the legs as the best option on this occasion was to hit the dirt, rather than be struck by the car.

As shown in the 2008 DVD, my suggestion was to extend the PSP alongside the Mitchell Fway, where there is vacant land:

Unfortunately this suggestion has gone ignored for the last 4 years, and the solution for one of the issues in this area, is for us to ride up this alternative.

Gribble Rd is no longer a quiet road with the amount of development occurring in the area.  Just take a look at NearMap and at the growth that has occurred since I did the DVD in 2008, the number of houses that have since been built, and the now available lots which will be built on in the future.

Where is the vision for the Northern PSP where the only option is to go back onto a road where there is known issues?

The proposed solution for Gribble Rd is disappointing and the available land identified in 2008 needs to be explored to complete this missing link of the PSP.

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