Cyclist killed in Cottesloe

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Reading the news reports it would appear that the person riding the bicycle was run over by a car travelling in the same direction – the most common type of traffic crash landing cyclists in hospital (or in this case the morgue).

I find it appalling that 17 years have passed since the last Perth Bicycle Network Plan was released. This plan clearly identified the need for safe infrastructure for people riding bicycles, detailed the projects and costed the necessary works at about $110mio. Only a fraction of this money was ever spent, and as a result people still have to ride bicycles on dangerous roads such as Curtin Avenue. The Government has no problem spending $800mio per year on infrastructure for people driving cars, but spending on creating a safe environment for vulnerable road users does not even reach $10mio per year.

To create a safer road network for people riding bicycles, we need to have

–          Connected shared or dedicated bicycle trunk routes connecting the suburbs to major activity centres.

–          Safe routes in the suburbs to reach schools, shops, train stations and workplaces

–          Legalised safe passing distance of at least one meter

… and the Government(s) in WA have know this now for nearly a generation.

I have a neighbour who used to ride his bicycle every day into West Perth. On rainy days, in the evening, I would see his wife standing on the verge, worried looking out for him. They got a couple of small kids, and he stopped riding because he felt it would be irresponsible towards his family to keep riding.

I feel sorry for the family of the cyclist.

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