PSP Bassendean Station to Lord Street

This has come up for discussion at the Town of Bassendean Ordinary Council meeting on the 28.2.12.

An extract follows, and the full agenda item can be found in this document: ToB Council Agenda 28 2 12 re PSP to Lord Street


MRWA representatives advised that for safety and efficiency of the cyclists, the northern alignment (as per the MRWA 15% design) proved to be the better option.

MRWA representatives advised that the proposal was to construct the PSP to the Lord Street bridge and then tie the path into the existing path at Lord Street from Railway Parade and continue along to Lord Street at the West Road and Guildford Road intersection. Then the cyclists could use the traffic control signals to access through the intersection, then continue along the Guildford Road path to the Guildford Road traffic bridge to cross the Swan River and tie into the Guildford PSP.

MRWA representative advised that the City of Swan had been investigating the design options for the proposed Guildford to Midland PSP and that the concept design was nearing completion.

There is a letter to the Town of Bassendean dated 16 January 2012 from MRWA outlining their position regarding the Principal Shared Path alignment and provided comment on the Wilson Street Underpass; the proposal to construct the principal shared path under the Lord Street Traffic Bridge and the 570 metres of missing connection between Lord Street and the Swan River.

It should be noted that MRWA have indicated in the 16th January 2012 correspondence that while they have investigated a number of design issues expressed by Town of Bassendean staff regarding the proposed 15% design alignment, MRWA are not in a position due to financial constraints to resolve the Lord Street to Swan River design issues at this stage.

MRWA correspondence states that “the PSP is a positive initiative for Bassendean and surrounding communities to safely access the Bassendean Train Station to Lord Street connecting into the existing bicycle network”. However from the Town’s perspective the future PSP connection from Lord Street to the Swan River has not been adequately addressed. The MRWA correspondence indicates that this issue will be resolved in a future “ultimate” design.


That Council:

2.         Supports in-principal the September 2011 Main Roads Western Australia 15% design proposed alignment for the Principal Shared Path to be constructed from Bassendean Train Station, adjacent to Railway Parade to Lord Street; and

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