QLD “Share the Road” campaign

Just like in WA, QLD has no legal requirement for cars to give vulnerable road users one meter distance when passing, so the campaign is based on “pretty please do not run us over”.

The campaign is meant to contribute to lift cycling participation rate from 2% of all trips to 8%. Good Luck!

QLD share_the_road background information (based on Queensland Transport Market Research):

–          An unsafe riding environment is one of the top four reasons why people stop riding bicycles.

–          19% of motorists do not regard cyclists as legitimate road users. 54% (of the 19%) think it is too dangerous for cyclists to be on the road.

–          Interestingly double as many men than women regard cycling as a legitimate form of transport (43% vs 21%). If we use female cycling participation as an indicator of a safe cycling environment, then this research would mean that in Australia we will never achieve the 50% female participation that is common in Denmark and Holland.

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