More Perth PSP closures

First they remove one Milligan Street bridge ramp (with the unfulfilled promise to replace it) and reroute the PSP around the Perth Arena construction site; then they remove the PSP along Wellington Street completely and now this :-

For one week from Tuesday, 6 March, a section of the Roe Street shared path, which runs along the railyard (or south side), will close from 9.30am to 4.00pm each day.
While the path is closed from Milligan Street to William Street, cyclists and pedestrians are encouraged to use the signalled intersection at these streets to cross and use the path on the other side of the road.
The closure allows the Perth City Link Rail Alliance to install groundwater wells.

Whilst I accept that there will be some inconvenience created as part of the railway sinking, no effort appears to be being made to provide an equivalent alternative path for the construction period.  The suggestion of using the footpath on the other side of Roe Street is a joke.  A better solution would be to remove the parking bays on one side of Roe Street for the period to provide an alternative PSP.

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