Royalities for Regions grants to improve cycle infrastructure?

Late last year, BTA wrote to Brendon Grylls, Minister for Regional Development asking why $6.5M was provided to build boating facilities from funds available in the Royalties for Regions whilst Regional Local Government Grants to build cycling infrastructure was underfunded by 50% ($750,000) last year – full story here.

Response was provided indicating that Royalty for Regions funds can be used to build cycling infrastructure in regional regions.  Copy of response here.

The response did not indicate why the Royalties for Regions funds were not used in 2011/12 to support 34 cycling infrastructure projects worth $750,000 which missed out on Regional Local Government Grants.  However, Mr Grylls did suggest that BTA contact the Minister for Transport.  The Minister of Transport and the Department of Transport were responsible for applying for $6.5M boating facilities request, but also for the co-ordination of the Regional Local Government Grants which missed out on the allocation of the $750,000 cycling infrastructure grants as there wasn’t enough funds to go around.  One has to question why this has occurred as Mr Grylls also indicates in his response that in 2008-09, nine local governments were provided funding from Royalties for Regions directly for cycling infrastructure.

There has been a history for allocation of Royalties for Region funding to be used for cycling infrastructure, but for 2011/12, Regional Local Governments lost out on $750,000 grants.

An additional letter will be sent to Minister of Transport asking why there wasn’t enough funds for Regional Local Government Grants when Department could have applied to use Royalities for Regions funds.

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