City of Perth’s Cycle Plan – where is it?

Back in August 2010, 1200 responses where recieved from the initial consultation survey for the development of the City of Perth’s Cycle Plan.

In April 2011, three BTA board members attended City of Perth’s Community Forum and one of the questions asked was ‘Where is the Cycle Plan?’, with Frank Edwards (CEO City of Perth) responding verbally that it would be available for public comment in May 2011.  This was later changed in writing to show August/Sept 2011.

So, in August 2011, BTA again attended the City of Perth’s Community Forum where the same question was asked ‘Where is the Cycle Plan?’.  Response this time being ‘The draft cycle plan is a very complex and strategic document and has taken longer to develop than first anticipated.’

I followed this up via e-mail again this week, asking ‘Where is the Cycle Plan’.  I’ve been asked to be patient whilst the City undertakes additional work on the document.

However, the City is now refering to the ‘Draft Cycle Plan’ in Council meetings.  See Works and Urban Development Committee Minutes – 6-Feb-2012.  The City is discussing ‘MURRAY STREET BETWEEN BARRACK STREET AND PIER STREET – FEASIBILITY STUDY INTO THE REMOVAL OF THE SEPARATED CONTRA FLOW CYCLE LANE AND INVESTIGATION OF ALTERNATIVE LAYOUTS’ where the Draft Cycle Plan is mentioned several times.

So, as a cyclists, how can I respond to the discussion on the removal of the contra flow cycle lane, when I have no visability of the overall direction for cycling in the City of Perth?  Should I be worried that the City of Perth is discussing the removal of one of less than 6 dedicated cycle paths in the CBD area, or will the Cycle Plan provide several alternatives.

Is it right for the City of Perth not to provide an expected date of completion of the Perth Cycle Plan, in particular, when it was promised to be available for public comment back in May 2011?

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I returned to cycling around 5 years ago, when I decided to start commuting by bike to work. I'm now cycling around 13,500km's annually, and love it.