Copenhagen cycling figures

Below are a few extracts from the Copenhagen 2010 Bicycle Account

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The City of Copenhagen makes a distinction between actual safety and cyclists’ sense of safety in traffic. Actual safety refers to the number of serious casualties involving cyclists in Copenhagen. Sense of safety refers to the individual’s subjective perception of how safe it feels to cycle. Both factors are crucial in our effort to become the world’s best city for cycling.

Cycling-related activities were at a historically high level in 2009 and 2010. A wide range of projects have been executed and in 2010 alone over DKK 150 million (A$25 mio) has been allocated to new investments in cycling facilities.

In an unprecedented collaboration between 18 municipalities and the Capital Region of Denmark a concept plan was developed for a 300 km network of ‘cycle super highways’ in the capital area.

Most children in preschool class and Year 1 are accompanied to school by a parent. The child’s age is thus a decisive factor for whether the child cycles alone or is accompanied by a parent. In preschool class (age 6) 6 % cycle alone on a regular basis. A significant jump occurs, from 13 % to 30 %, between Years 3 and 4 (ages 9 – 10).

Individual and social impacts A number of factors are included in the equation such as transport costs, security, comfort, branding/tourism, transport times and health. When all these factors are added together the net social gain is DKK 1.22 per cycled kilometer. For purposes of comparison there is a net social loss of DKK 0.69 per kilometer driven by car.

Major health benefit Since the total health benefit of Copenhagen residents’ healthy cycling habits is DKK 5.51 per km, the annual benefit is worth the equivalent of approx. DKK 2.0 billion. When accident costs are deducted the total health impact of 4.72 DKK per km is worth the equivalent of a total of 1.7 billion. If we are successful in achieving our political goal that 50% will bike to and from work by 2015, the health benefit of the extra trips alone will be around DKK 500 million and the total health impact

1 DKK = A$ 0.17

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